Is face fitness as effective as they say about it?

Now you can hardly surprise anyone with the words “face gymnastics”, “face fitness”, “face culture”, “face building” and “face yoga”. There are fewer and fewer of those who have not heard anything about this phenomenon. And, as in any other topic, people who know about this direction, divided into three camps.

  • Adherents: see the result and rejoice at it.
  • Opponents: consider gymnastics for the face to be harmful and dangerous.
  • Skeptics: are doubtful and prefer injection and hardware cosmetology to this method.

Is face fitness really effective?

Sophie Shine
Sophie Shine

For the first time, I got acquainted with the methods of muscle gymnastics while working as a psychologist in a rehabilitation center for the elderly. We have done special training to improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

The results were impressive: the pensioners improved their memory, attentiveness, and speed of reactions. Even then, I saw how useful such training is. If done correctly, they give a tangible positive effect: they relieve tension, allow you to control your mood depending on the situation.

Psychologists note that proper facial gymnastics contributes to the development of emotional intelligence. Women begin to track their emotional sphere. For example, notice that they often frown or purse their lips. Our face performs the function of social interaction, because the main purpose of demonstrating emotions is to show how we feel at one time or another. At the same time, women begin to ask themselves questions: “What’s the matter? Why do I often feel anger, resentment or sadness when communicating with this person? ”

Emotional work is a side effect and yet the main goal is to achieve a rejuvenating effect. Some women note that it does not come immediately.

Sophie Shine
Sophie Shine

Gymnastics is unusual for people. There is no friendship with muscles yet, and the effect of training comes later. First you need to establish a neuromuscular connection and learn how to perform the exercises correctly. And for many people it is very difficult.

Almost like a right-handed person starts writing with his left hand. It will take a lot of desire and perseverance. But, of course, there are lucky ones who almost immediately begin to do the exercises correctly and quickly achieve results.

The main thing is regularity and correct technique. The skin can be restored to a fresh look, made elastic, and a natural glow can be achieved. By improving blood flow, working with lymph, women get rid of congestion and clamps.

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What about smoothing wrinkles and double chin?

Wrinkles are smoothed out and become not so deep. After all, if a wrinkle has been laid down for a long time, having designated a pattern on the skin, gymnastics cannot remove it. But this does not mean that you do not need to study. Regular exercise helps to improve the quality of the skin and prevent the worsening of wrinkles.

Sophie Shine
Sophie Shine

The chins also become taut. But it is important to know that if there are deposits in the subcutaneous fat, one gymnastics for the face will not expel them. This is where diet and good cardio work are needed.

But the look with the help of face fitness can be easily made open. This is perhaps the simplest task. The lips will acquire a beautiful natural relief, regain their volume and stop shrinking. Do you know when they get tucked in, as if hiding inward? At this moment, the white lip roll disappears – a thin strip of light skin surrounding the outside of the red border of the lips. With the help of face fitness, this roller is also reanimated.

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Simple yet effective exercise by Sophie Shine

Is face fitness as effective as they say about it?  Medical Psychologist Sophie Shine's Opinion
Sophie Shine

I suggest doing a simple but very useful exercise that is designed to strengthen the upper eyelids, as well as significantly improve vision and even mood.

  1. Place your palms over your eyes, the bases of the palms lie in the recesses of the eye sockets, the center of the palm fixes the eyebrows. The face should be completely relaxed. The hands do not press on the eyes, but gently hold them in a closed position.
  2. Start rolling the eyeballs up, slowly but strongly, raise your eyes up, pause and smoothly down.

Perform 10 to 20 of these movements, focusing on your sensations and feelings of comfort. It will be very good if you introduce this exercise into your daily life. You can do it several times a day when you feel tired or just want to distract yourself.

Be beautiful and healthy!

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