Is it necessary to cut a child’s hair a year – all about the child’s first haircut

The first haircut of the child - signs and superstitionsOur beloved crumbs grow surprisingly quickly: it seems that only yesterday the baby first looked at you with his unearthly eyes, and today he is already taking his first steps and funny brushing off his grown bangs. According to tradition (or omens?), The time comes for the first haircut. Do I need to cut my child’s hair a year? Who came up with this rule? And how to cut the baby for the first time correctly?

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Why children get haircuts per year – popular beliefs and signs about children’s haircuts per year

In ancient Russia, many beliefs were associated with the first haircut. All manipulations with hair (especially children’s) have been endowed since ancient times special meaning – according to beliefs, they are continuously connected with the vital forces of a person, and it was impossible to cut them just like that – only on special days and for a specific reason.

What ancient signs have survived to this day?

  • If you cut a child’s hair in a year “to zero”, the matured child will become the owner of a chic and thick hair.
  • It is categorically impossible to cut a year before, so as not to incur various ailments on the crumbs, in particular, infertility.
  • The first haircut is a holiday, symbolizing the baby’s transition to a new stage of life, and it should take place in a solemn atmosphere.
  • In one year you need to cut a haircut to “erase” information about painful childbirth and drive away the dark forces from your child.

Baby's first haircut in a year

Children’s hair was considered one of the signs of wealth, and a thick head of hair was a symbol of good luck. This “symbol” combed with coins, rolled in chicken eggs, and shorn hairs were buried in anthills, drowned with the words “it came from the earth, it went into the earth” and hid it behind a fence. And tradition saving the baby’s first curl is still alive, although its roots go back to those times when the cut off lock was preserved due to the fact that the soul lives in the hair. In general, there were many signs, and modern mothers, persecuted by the demands of mothers-in-law and grandmothers, “Cut to zero!”, Are lost. Few people understand – is there really a need for a bald haircut? And why cut a girl to zero? All the more so if she has grown thick and beautiful hair by this age.

Is it really necessary to cut a child’s hair a year – debunking modern myths

The days of superstition and ancient rituals of rolling eggs through the hair are long gone. No one goes out at night at the intersection of seven roads to bury their cropped hair and ask the moon for a royal head of hair for a child. But signs live to this dayconfusing modern mothers – to cut or not to cut.
Do I need to cut my child's hair in a year

Let’s try to figure out what is a myth, and what omen really tends to come true in reality.

  • “If you don’t cut your child to zero, then in the future he will have thin, thin hair.”
    The laying of the structure of the hair and their follicles is carried out even before birth. That is, if a shock of hair is not programmed in the baby’s genes, as on the cover of a magazine, then even a haircut per year on the growing moon by candlelight and in a magic circle will not turn thin ponytails into hair.
  • “Shaving your hair a year is the key to thick, chic hair in the future.”
    You should know that such a radical method can permanently damage the hair follicles. Therefore, if there is no urgent need to shave bald, then it is better not to resort to this method.
  • “The fluff must be cut off, otherwise the hair will remain so.”
    From birth to one year old, babies grow thin vellus hairs formed in the womb. This is fine. Adults – dense and strong – they become gradually. Therefore, it makes no sense to panic that the baby has only “undercoat” a year, and the neighbor’s boy already has “with might and main”, there is no point.

Baby's first haircut in a year

You also need to understand that …

  • Not all babies grow hair evenly. If the hairs stick out in “scraps” – this does not mean at all that it will always be so. The unevenness of hair growth is inherent in nature. After “shedding” the fluff, the hair will grow in the amount that is laid down by genetics.
  • Shaving and trimming does not in any way affect the structure / quality of the hair
  • Unripe hair follicle even after shaving and cutting, it will still give out a thin hair shaft.
  • No haircut, regardless of age, will not add hair follicles to the baby’s head
  • The effect of “thickening” hair after a haircut it is explained only by the visual effect and “placebo” – after all, after cutting the fluff, real hair begins to grow.
  • Pediatricians advise against cutting and, especially, shaving babiesto eliminate the risk of damage to the hair follicles and painful irritation on the skin, through which an infection can get.
  • As for the quality of the hair, everything is in the hands of the parents: with normal health, nutrition, care and growth promotion (regular brushing with a massage brush) the hair will grow quickly.

Arguments in favor of cutting hair per year – when a baby’s haircut can be useful

  • Too long bangs spoils eyesight – a fact.
  • A neat haircut provides more well-groomed appearance
  • Haircut is one of signs that distinguish babies of different sex… After all, any mother frowns with displeasure when her princess is called “a charming little boy.”
  • With short hair to the crumb easier to tolerate heat

The first haircut of the child – important rules for the safe haircut of children per year

Ideally, if you decide on a haircut, it is better to implement the plan. in the children’s hairdresser, whose experts know how to cut your baby safely. There are special “distracting” chairs in the form of toys, the toys themselves, TVs with cartoons and, of course, professionals who will find an approach to even the most fidgety and fearful baby.
Baby's first haircut in a year

Decided to cut yourself? Then remember basic recommendations for a safe haircut:

  • It’s good if in the process of cutting baby will take on your knees someone he trusts.
  • Play along with your haircut – for example, to a hairdresser. To prepare for a haircut, practice with your child on toys in advance. Let the kid remember and love this game.
  • Turn on cartoons, give your child a new toy.
  • Use scissors with rounded ends only
  • Dampen your hair slightly spray before cutting to make the procedure easier.
  • Trim your curls gently but quicklyby pinching them between your fingers.
  • Start cutting a child’s hair from the most problematic areas, otherwise, when he gets tired, you simply will not get to them.
  • Do not be nervous. The anxiety is passed on to the child.
  • The boy can be cut with a trimmer Is the least dangerous option.
  • Do not cut your child’s hair if they are sick or not in the mood

AND do not forget to praise your child and show in the mirrorhow beautiful it looks now.

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