Is it possible to eat ice cream in hot weather – the answer of a nutritionist

“When I was little, I really loved ice cream. Of course, I still love him. But then it was something special – I loved ice cream so much. ” (“Galoshes and Ice Cream” Mikhail Zoshchenko).

In hot weather, especially the one that is now established in the European part of Russia, many people have a decrease in appetite. I want something tasty, easy to use, cool and easy to prepare. Someone is saved by “healthy” fruits and berries, which, in fact, consist exclusively of fiber and sugar. Someone is leaning on ice cream. We will talk about him today.

Ice cream, like any other high-calorie food, must be controlled. And ice cream in any form is a very high-calorie and energy-intensive food.

What is the danger of overeating ice cream?

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Here we can divide the question into two directions:

  • Ice cream is very high in calories by itself, so you risk eating much more at the end of the day than you really need for your lifestyle and the energy needs of your body.
  • Ice cream may not consist of high-quality natural or conditionally natural ingredients, but substitutes. You just eat trashy food in the form of this ice cream, as it was called in the middle of the last century – “ersatz product”.
  • Ice cream, by default, is a fatty product. Therefore, you can harm yourself by excessive consumption of it if you have any health restrictions that entail the need to reduce them in the diet. You can also follow some low-fat diets.
  • Ice cream, any, contains carbohydrates. Their sweet types are a large amount of fast carbohydrates, that is, sugars. Therefore, it is better not to eat a lot of it with any diet.

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How much ice cream can you eat per day?

“Lelya and I ran up to the ice cream maker, bought two balls from him for a penny, ate them instantly and began to regret that they sold the galoshes so cheaply.” (Galoshes and Ice Cream, Mikhail Zoshchenko).

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It greatly depends on what kind of ice cream you have chosen for yourself.

If this is natural, so-called “homemade” ice cream, without the addition of any sweet components and sugar, that is, it consists of milk, cream and sometimes butter, then its amount in theory is limited only by your food intake per day. You can eat it at least 1 kilogram. Of course, in a few steps, leaving time and space for protein foods.

If this is a natural classic ice cream with a traditional addition of sugar, for example, “pure” homemade “semifredo”, then it can be eaten 250 grams. That is, five standard balls. For comparison – “gelatto” even two balls will be too much.

Ordinary bulk ice cream “by weight”, in balls, you can eat 3-4 balls a day, that is, about 200 grams.

If this is a standard industrial ice cream of mass brands without a lot of sweet additives, then the standard daily portion should be equal to one package of 80-100 grams. If this is a pure ice cream without sweet additives, then 150 grams can be used.

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The so-called “sorbet” – 100 grams and a maximum of 2 balls per day.

All recommendations above assume that you did not eat any other sweet food that day. If we are talking about minors, then they can eat twice as much as adults. Their physiology allows it. Except for the first type of ice cream. It is better not to eat more than a kilogram of ice cream a day. A child and a teenager cannot assimilate such an amount of milk fat without harm to the body.

Which ice cream to choose and which is the most harmful?

“Nowadays a lot of people eat ice cream because we have huge factories producing this pleasant dish.

Thousands of people and even millions eat ice cream, and I would, children, really want all people, eating ice cream, to think about what I think about when I eat this sweet. ” (“Galoshes and Ice Cream” Mikhail Zoshchenko).

It is definitely not worth eating ice cream that consists of plant-based milk fat substitutes. It is harmful to the body, as it consists of components that do not carry nutritional value, incompatible with milk components and often harmful to you. Specifically from trans fats and industrial forms of palm oil. Check the ice cream packaging and say hello to popular fast food chains that do not have a drop of milk in their ice cream and milkshakes.

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The rest of the choice is a matter of your taste. As well as your preference for the amount of ice cream you want to eat.

If you want to eat a couple of balls (100 grams) a day and you won’t eat more sweets that day, choose any quality one.

If you are on a keto diet or have a high fat intake for other reasons, then choose a good ice cream sundae or homemade ice cream with no sugary ingredients.

If you are on a low-fat diet, then go for sorbets and the like.

In all other cases, it’s a matter of taste. Most importantly, follow the portions from the previous paragraph.

Where is the danger – in calories or low temperatures?

I have already said a lot about the calorie content above. If you adhere to the principles of reasonable consumption and eat ice cream according to the standards I have given, then this is not a factor that is dangerous for you. If you exceed, then it threatens you:

  • Obesity due to increased calorie intake
  • Diabetes, insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders due to increased intake of sugars
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And remember that ice cream should be eaten separately from other foods. 1-1.5 hours before meals or 3 hours after meals. “Pure” homemade ice cream can be eaten with fruits and berries. And in any case, do not wash it down with hot drinks, this will destroy the enamel of your teeth.

Ice cream is cold, it’s natural. If you have a sore throat, then you should refrain from it. If you have reduced immunity, then you should eat it with caution, in small pieces, warming it in your mouth. In children, immunity is reduced by default.

Personally, I love homemade ice cream and “pure semifredo”. Eat for health what suits you!

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