Is it worth working as a mystery shopper

Recently, a mystery shopper vacancy has been increasingly appearing in newspaper columns for job search. Some mystery in the name and ignorance – what kind of work this is – alarming potential applicants are still in the majority.

COLADY shares 5 mystery shopping myths so you know what to expect.

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Mystery shopping – who needs it and why?

You are interested in the goods in the store, but in the middle of the hall you stand in splendid isolation. And there is no one to ask the question – “Can you tell me …” Because one seller went out to smoke, the second went out to powder his nose, and the third had lunch on schedule. The fourth is physically present in the hall, but he simply has no time for you. As a result, you wave your hand and, in frustrated feelings, go in search of another store …

This picture is familiar to many. Including the heads of stores, who, of course, do not like this situation. To nip in the bud such injustice in relation to a dear client and not lose your potential buyer, many managers track the work of their subordinates with the help of a “mystery shopper”.

There is nothing supernatural in the work of a mystery shopper. In fact, this is the same ordinary client. With the difference that he does not make purchases for himself, but exclusively on behalf of his superiors.

What is the essence of this mystery shopping job

  • An undercover employee receives a task from the management of a store (car dealership, restaurant, pharmacy, hotel, etc.) – check his establishment according to a special scheme (schemes may vary by institution).
  • Mystery shopping is fine “Secret” exam for employees of the institution and makes an overall detailed assessment for all necessary items.
  • Mystery shopper is in demand everywherewhere there is a need for customer service.
  • The secret phone shopper has roughly the same functions.… He is also obliged to check the employees of the organization for competence, politeness, completeness of the information provided, etc.
  • Mystery shopping can be verified using a voice recorder, The “evidence” from which is sent in addition to the report to their management.

5 myths about being a mystery shopper

5 Myths About Working as a Mystery Shopper - Is It Worth Working?
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There are many myths in the work of a mystery shopper.

  1. “Mystery shopper is a misdirected secret spy”
    To some extent – yes, given the dictaphone in your pocket and the awareness of your “important mission”. But that’s probably all. Finding out trade secrets is not part of the work of a mystery shopper. His task is to assess the level of service, ask traditional questions, check if the seller understands the range, and … refuse to buy. Or make a purchase, if required by the management (which will pay for this purchase). After that, all that remains is to fill out a questionnaire and send your impressions to the authorities.
  2. “The mystery shopper must be a good actor and have the right education.”
    There are no such requirements for an employee. A little bit of acting talent won’t hurt, though. If you show up in a store and, publicly attaching a dictaphone to your collar, fasten the seller to the wall by prosecutor’s interrogation – the result may be the most unexpected. It is also worth noting that when hiring a mystery shopper, the bosses are guided by his certain type. For example, a “humanities student” is unlikely to be suitable for checking a car parts store, and an unshaven man in overalls is unlikely to be suitable for a “test purchase” in a lingerie store. Although, in general, students, pensioners and young housewife mothers are hired for such work.
  3. “People become a secret buyer by pull”
    Myth. Neither the necessary “friends” nor a “hairy paw” will be required to get a job.
  4. “Mystery shopping is good money for loitering.”
    Of course, this work cannot be compared with the everyday life of a loader and an office worker. But self-discipline and certain skills are essential. First, you will have to undergo instruction and the basics of training in the office of the bosses, then get acquainted with the products / services of the institution, then get an “order” and a dictaphone, pay a visit to the organization, fulfill your mission and, having reported to the management, receive a salary.
  5. Mystery shopping is a gold mine
    In fact, the cost of one check is not that high (350-1000 rubles), but if the customer is a large retail chain, then in a month you can earn quite decently. There is only one “but” – no one, alas, offers such work on a permanent basis.

How to become a mystery shopper, where to look for a job and who is it suitable for?

It is not difficult to become a mystery shopper. There are several job search options:

  • Contact one of the agencies that provide such services. Their addresses can be found on the Internet or reference books (like “yellow pages”). Or a recruiting agency (if this work is part of their range of services). See also: Where to look for a job, where to start looking for a job?
  • Search for a vacancy on one of the online resources on job search (or in the newspaper).
  • Submit your resume on the same sites (with appropriate notes). See also: How to write a resume for a job correctly.
  • Go straight to the store (or another organization) with this offer. As a rule (if you are convincing), the management will agree. Don’t forget to sign a contract.

Who is the Mystery Shopper job for?

  • An adult. The criterion “18+” is mandatory. There are exceptions, though.
  • For men and women (gender, in most cases, does not matter).
  • Residents of big cities. In small towns and villages, this work is not in demand.
  • For those who have a telephone (for communication with management) and home PC (for sending reports).
  • For those who already have experience of such work (this will undoubtedly be an advantage).
  • For those who have enough free time (you may need a leader at any time).
  • Those who can boast of such qualities as stress resistance, attentiveness, good memory.

What else do you need to know about working as a mystery shopper?

  • No experience? It’s not a problem. The work of a mystery shopper is quite in demand, and it is not so difficult to find customers. Maybe they will pay a little less, but the experience will appear! Then it will already be possible to claim something more.
  • No higher education? And it doesn’t matter. Even an incomplete secondary school is enough.
  • Uncomfortable to travel far? Choose those addresses that are closer to home. Better – several addresses at once and in the same area. One check will take you 15-30 minutes.
  • How many checks can you carry out in a day? With a competent organization of work – 8-9 checks. If the object of inspection is located outside the city, the salary increases significantly.

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