Is Sparkling Water Tap Worth The Hype?

Chilled refreshments at the push of a button! Sounds Intriguing?

You no longer need to buy sparkling bottled water from the shop; you can simply have carbonated water by your fingertips whenever you want it. Sparkling water taps have become a new fad in luxury, especially for health enthusiasts.

Regardless of how eager you are to hop on the latest craze, questioning the pros and cons of a product is always essential. Let’s explore if a sparkling water tap is really worth it.

What Is Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is just regular water that has been pressure-infused with carbon dioxide gas. This method offers the water a fizzy feel, which gives a pleasant feeling. Because of the carbonation, it is comparable to soft drinks but contains significantly low calories.

How Is It Made?

Sparkling water is made by pressurising carbon dioxide gas into plain water. This process allows the carbon dioxide to dissolve in the water, making it fizzy. The amount of carbonation in sparkling water can be controlled by the manufacturer, usually between 1-3 volumes of CO2.

Debunk The Myths

There are several myths about sparkling water that have been going around. Let’s put those rumours to rest.

  • It promotes weight loss and improves digestion – Sparkling water has the same properties as regular water, which is essential for weight loss since our bodies can’t differentiate between hunger and dehydration. But the CO2-infused water definitely aids in digestion.
  • It can cause tooth decay – Sparkling waters with high sugar content might promote tooth decay. In comparison to soda, plain sparkling water does not harm your teeth.
  • It’s bad for your bones – Drinking sparkling water will not deplete your bone mineral density. It might even have the opposite effect, as sparkling water can help to improve calcium absorption in your gut.

Sparkling Water System Maintenance

  • Your sparkling water system’s Carbon dioxide canisters will indicate orange light when it needs to be replaced, which isn’t a difficult task to do. It is usually delivered by the professional along with the guidelines on how to change the canisters. 
  • You do not need any kind of training to handle the system; basic guidelines are usually provided at the time of installation.
  • Your filters will also need to be updated every six months, which comes under the professional service package.

Is Sparkling Water Tap Worth it?

Now that all know what sparkling water is and have put some myths to bed, it’s time to decide if a sparkling water tap is worth the investment.

The cost of this tap will depend on the features and quality of the product. If you are someone who loves fizzy drinks, then a sparkling water tap is definitely worth the investment.

Not only is it a great way to save money in the long run, but it’s also a healthier and more sustainable choice. Plastic bottles are among the top ten most commonly collected waste items each year on Clean up Australia Day. Only about 36% of plastic water bottles are recycled, with the rest – approximately 373 million bottles – simply ending up in the trash.

Thus, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money, then this tap is definitely worth considering.

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