Is St Johns Garden Centre Clacton Open

Is St John’s Garden Centre Clacton open? Last year the garden centre closed its doors after it lost a High Court battle over the use of the site. Tendring District Council said it had no planning permission to operate a retail garden centre and the roads were not suitable for this purpose. The company has redeveloped the site and is now attempting to get a licence to run it as a wholesale outlet.

It has been closed after talks began to find a suitable site. After being issued a temporary stop notice last Christmas, HM Revenue and Customs issued an enforcement notice on the centre. This gave it six weeks to cease trading until the notice expires. The closure follows the announcement of plans by the landowners to build a residential complex on the site. The decision will be made by the council but it is unclear whether the plans will go through.

The closure of the garden centre comes amid a series of protests and legal actions. HM Revenue and Customs served the firm with an enforcement notice in September 2018 demanding that it cease all retail and festive trade. Tendring failed to obtain an injunction to shut the centre down, citing “traffic chaos” and failed to gain permission for the injunction. The company has since resumed retail sales, but continues to host its Christmas wonderland event.

In November 2018, the company was presented with a wind up petition by the HMRC. This notice came into force after 28 days. This gives the nursery six weeks to cease unauthorised trade. The company has been working to seek a permanent solution, but the decision remains uncertain for now. The council will have final say over the matter. It is hoped that the company will continue to operate at the site, but until that time, the nursery will remain closed.

The closure of the plant centre has been a long time coming. The talks have been ongoing for a year and a half. A week ago, the company filed for an injunction, which will allow it to continue trading. But the council rejected the injunction and the nursery will continue operating as a wholesale outlet. It is now unclear whether the nursery will appeal the injunction.

Although this is the latest move against the garden centre, negotiations continue. It has been in liquidation since last Christmas and has faced several court cases over its continued trading. The company has now been closed for six weeks following the enforcement notice. However, the company is allowed to continue trading at the site for two weeks. The enforcement notice will come into effect after 28 days. This gives the nursery six weeks to find a new location.

The closure of the garden centre comes after the council served the company with a planning enforcement notice over the Christmas Winter Wonderland. This enforcement notice was issued in 2017 and the court refused to grant an injunction. The nursery has appealed the injunction and is now open to trade. It is now a matter of how long will the nursery stay open. This decision will affect the future of businesses in Clacton and other towns in the area.

Aside from being open for business, St Johns Plant Centre has a lot to offer. It is a great place to buy different things like plants. It’s not just a garden centre, but also a shopping mall that sells plants. There’s a wide range of different things to buy in this store, so you’re sure to find something you like.

A recent enforcement notice has prompted the closure of the St Johns Plant Centre. The company has been battling to keep the centre open for several months but has been unable to do so. As a result, HMRC have given the nursery until the end of the month to cease any unauthorised trade in the area. In addition, the council also sparked discussions between the business and the public.

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