Is the marriage of Andrei Malakhov and Natalya Shkuleva collapsing?

The other day, TV presenter Andrei Malakhov said that he was preparing for a divorce after 9 years of marriage with his wife Natalya Shkuleva, with whom he was raising a common two-year-old son, Alexander. Andrei also noted that he is now in a relationship with Nika Belotserkovskaya, a friend of Ksenia Sobchak.

An affair with Nika – where did the rumors come from


In 2011, Malakhov married Natalya Shkuleva, the daughter of the influential media manager Viktor Shkulev, president of the publishing house Hearst Shkulev Publishing. A luxurious wedding was played at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. In 2017, the couple had a son, Alexander.

In December 2019, the Versiya news agency announced Malakhov’s divorce. The TV presenter left his wife for Belotserkovskaya, the newspaper claimed.

Several arguments were cited to support this. The first – two years ago, Belotserkovskaya divorced her husband, entrepreneur Boris Belotserkovsky. And then there were rumors of treason, “Versia” noted.

The second – in August 2019, Malakhov was resting in the Belotserkovskaya mansion on the Cote d’Azur in France. There is evidence on the Instagram of the presenter …

Andrei Malakhov

And on the page of Belotserkovskaya

Andrey Malakhov 2

The girl wrote about the novel a few months ago:

“Every single word is TRUE! I’m losing weight for the wedding ceremony. “

Then the subscribers did not understand whether it was sarcasm or a truthful statement by the entrepreneur.

Other publications claim that the artist entered into a relationship with Nika back in 2019, and broke up with his wife more than six months ago, but he carefully hid it from the public. It is noted that now the girl, the publisher of the magazine, is hinting to fans about the wedding, which is likely to take place in the near future.

Malakhov’s “strange” marriage

If you believe the stories of insiders close to the family, Malakhov and Belotserkovskaya are “in love with each other like teenagers”: the TV presenter constantly compliments the girl and gives incredible gifts. But about a couple of Andrei and Natalya, family friends say how about “Strange, guest marriage”: lately, both have been too passionate about work, hardly spend time together, and go on vacation at sea only separately.


They say that Malakhov’s career on Channel One may also suffer if Natalia’s father, Viktor Shkulev, wants it. Was the marriage with Natalia just a winning game on the part of the showman?

Natalia herself also remains silent, leaving the curious to guess. Natalia’s followers on Instagram have repeatedly noticed that she stopped sharing photos with Andrey. Apparently, there is really a crisis in their family.

Fan reaction

Commentators are actively discussing this event: someone does not want to trust rumors without an official statement from the stars, someone is happy with the new couple, and someone believes that the marriage of Andrei and Natalia was “Protracted advertising campaign.”

  • “I think this is a lie! How will Malakhov live after leaving Natalia? She is a wonderful wife, mother. What else does? I don’t believe in divorce ”;
  • “Such a lovely couple with a long-awaited child! Andrei loves his wife and son very much, I don’t think they will ever get divorced. And the fact that they are not traveling together does not mean anything – everyone needs to take a break from a partner sometimes ”;
  • “I like Belotserkovskaya more than Shkuleva. I hope they will be happy! ”;
  • “It is clear to everyone that Malakhov’s marriage was calculated. We lived together as long as we agreed on the contract. The audience did not notice any special love, no joint public appearances, no joy from the birth of a son, ”fans write in the comments.


Malakhov himself does not react in any way to rumors around his relationship, continuing to actively conduct his social networks on abstract topics. And Nika is now in an expensive medical clinic in India, trying to achieve a dream figure and even launching her own weight loss marathon, in which she encourages all subscribers who are dissatisfied with their parameters to participate.

While there is no official statement about Malakhov’s divorce, netizens can only guess what is really going on.

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