Isa lost her fiancé and reputation because of an intimate photo

Aiza Anokhina, who for many is an example of that “strong and independent woman”, is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown after she herself leaked her intimate photo to her Instagram account!

“Girls, learn”: how Isa leaked herself


A week ago, a Chechen TV star accidentally posted an immodest photo without underwear in Stories. After a few tens of seconds, the frame disappeared from her profile, but, as you know, the Internet remembers everything. The scandalous photo immediately spread across dozens of publics on social networks and became one of the most discussed events of the week:

  • “Aiza, why are you posting this to your Stories?”;
  • “Girls, study. Maybe then you will stop whining why men don’t want you ”;
  • “Just like a schoolgirl”;
  • “Isa! Well e-mine! You are, after all, a mother! Sam is already an adult, and imagine how awesome he will be when classmates discuss your female genitals. Turn on your brains! “;
  • “Normally you have merged yourself”;
  • “Someone seems to have lost the argument,” the fans commented.

The girl decided to be honest and did not try to pretend that nothing had happened: she admitted that the picture was intended for her beloved Oleg Miami, whom she missed. And when I accidentally published the frankness on the network, I almost got a heart attack.

anokhin and guf

As a result, Guf’s ex-wife approached the situation with humor, noting that she was not worried about other people’s opinions.

“Aaaa !!! Separated from the beloved for a couple of days. In general, you think, we are all human)) Well, yes !! Accidentally pressed the wrong button)))) “, – she blithely wrote in response to subscribers’ questions in the story.

A nervous breakdown and Oleg Miami’s reaction: “I will not marry!”

But it seems that the singer was only on the outside, because a few days later, after a meticulous discussion of her body on social networks and a ton of dubious compliments, she admitted that she was terribly tired of the daily attention to her person. And after what happened, she can not find a place for herself at all:

“I feel like I’m out of breath. I am tired and want to be alone, although I love everyone who is next to me. I really want to be alone and not make excuses for every action. “

Anokhina admitted that in recent days she even thought about parting with Miami, because, no matter how hard he tried, sometimes he could not understand her feelings and share her feelings.

“Oleg helps me in everything. But sometimes he just doesn’t know what to do and makes it worse. I often think about how to rid him of myself. For I am a wreck. I need to constantly fly away to warm regions. This is the only way my panic attacks go away. But I have been in the city of panic attacks for the ninth month already, ”writes Aiza.

Oleg himself, by the way, also reacted very strangely to the event. For some reason, the young man just now decided to dispel all rumors that the couple was going to legalize their relationship. He did it, too, in a rather dubious way. He published a photo of Isa curled up in a ball in the car, and signed the frame with the words:

“Next to me is the most sleeping woman in the world. She is also very, very beautiful. And I want to marry her. But I won’t! “


This provoked a strong flurry of negativity from the fans: the fans were outraged by how quickly the musician “betrayed” his beloved in a difficult situation.

“A pathetic attempt to attract attention”

After the incident, the number of the artist’s subscribers increased significantly, as did the interest in her person. Proceeding from this, many even decided that the “drain” was not at all accidental, but very planned. This version is adhered to, for example, by blogger-columnist Lena Miro.

“Thirty-five years old woman, two sons, there are parents. And now anyone who wishes can contemplate such photographs of a woman with a difficult fate … And it happened in a pitiful attempt to attract attention to himself. Aiza has long shown and told everyone in all the details: divorce, plastic surgery, childbirth on the air, ”the girl wrote rudely.

anokhina 2

Half of the subscribers who wrote angry comments to her adhere to this position:

  • “Isa, what else can you show? Soon there will be no more places on your body, I already directed my camera at all, took pictures everywhere. What will you do when you have photographed all the zones? ”;
  • “I don’t believe in this unfortunate accident … Every time your asset falls, you get into scandals or do something loud. Here and now … “;
  • “Well thought out hype”;
  • “Good PR. Until today I didn’t even know about your Instagram ”.

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