Iskra Lawrence on work-mothering balance

The well-known plus-size model, and part-time young mother and wife Iskra Lawrence, has already returned to her usual work and began again to participate in photo shoots, act in commercials, and actively conduct social networks.

At the same time, she tries to devote time to the baby and do without nannies. In her blog, Iskra talked about finding a balance between family and career, and also reminded that guilt and mood swings are a normal state for young mothers.

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Find balance

In April last year, Iskra Lawrence became a mother for the first time, having given birth to a son at home. However, neither pregnancy nor the addition to the family forced her to abandon vigorous activity: being in a position, and also after giving birth, the star continued to participate in photo shoots and blogging. Like many modern mothers, Iskra decided not to fall out of the usual rhythm of life, however, as she herself admits, it was not easy to find a balance between work and motherhood.

“Setting priorities for myself as a young mother turned out to be more difficult than I could have imagined. The guilt that lingers as soon as you leave, ask for help, or just want to take a bath to wash your hair can be overwhelming (and I’m sure you know other moms who feel the same way). I struggled to find a balance between being a mom, being a wife and fulfilling myself without losing sight of my dreams and desires. My health (physical and mental) is a very important part of this balance. Therapy, time for yourself, unplugging the phone, going to bed early and getting ready for work can be great first steps. ”

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The model emphasized that it is normal for young mothers to experience a whole bunch of emotions: from remorse and depression to unexpected surges of energy and positiveness.

“There are definitely days when I’m in an unproductive state, I feel guilty because there’s the biggest struggle going on inside me. And I also have days when I put a lot of energy into my child and I start to feel like I’m going crazy. And sometimes at the end of the day it seems to me that the to-do list was incredibly long, that I could not do or achieve anything, I feel unproductive, and it seems that my career is somewhere on the sidelines. “

The star admits that she tries to productively use the time while her child sleeps and correctly prioritize, paying attention to especially important matters and ignoring the little things. It should be noted that the model is excellent at coping with several functions at the same time: despite the appearance of a child, she continues to delight subscribers with photos, videos and spectacular images.

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Model baby boom

The last two years have been marked by a real baby boom in the modeling field: the most famous and highly paid queens of the catwalk and gloss decided to take a short break from their careers and become mothers.

Gigi Hadid was super popular, and her career was taking off when the model announced her pregnancy. However, less than six months after the birth of the child, the star returned to duty, appearing at Milan Fashion Week.

Emily Ratajkowski she also decided not to leave her career: in March she gave birth to a son, and in May she returned to advertising swimwear, impressed fans with an ideal figure.

Spectacular Swedish blonde and Victoria’s Secret angel Elsa Hosklike Spark Lawrence decided to give birth at home. The star gave birth to a daughter on February 11, and soon published a candid essay in which she told what a woman goes through when a child is born. Now Elsa has already returned to work and is filming for gloss.

Not so long ago, she became a mother and her colleague in the shop – “angel” Romy Straid… It should be noted that the Victoria’s Secret brand has temporarily abandoned its famous shows, so it is not surprising that the girls decided to become mothers right now. Also this year, mothers became Karolina Kurkova, Karlie Kloss and Elena Perminova.

Do you think young mothers should rush back to work or should they focus on their child?

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