Itching during pregnancy – what is the reason and what to do?

Many pregnant women are familiar with annoying itching of the skin, when the stomach, chest, back, or the whole body may itch. But do not think that these are just the whims of a pot-bellied body.

Itching in a pregnant woman can be a symptom of a disease that is dangerous to the health of the mother and baby, and it is very important to find out the causes of itching in a timely manner, and, of course, from a doctor.


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The main causes of itchy skin in pregnant women

In order to understand this phenomenon, you need to consider its nature.


In most cases, this arises from constant transformations in the woman’s body.

  • The first reason is stretching of the skin. In this case, itching occurs at the end of pregnancy, in the third trimester. Moreover, the likelihood of its appearance increases if a woman is carrying more than one child – after all, in recent months, the skin of the abdomen is stretched to such an extent that it shines like a grated watermelon. From this tension, itching occurs. See also: How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?


  • For the same reason, the chest may itch, because it also grows. Only, unlike the abdomen, changes in the mammary glands occur in the first trimester, and itching appears at the same time as toxicosis.
  • Allergies can also cause itchy skin. It is no secret that during pregnancy, the general sensitivity of the body increases, and the skin can begin to itch from eaten berries, oranges, peanuts or chocolate. Allergies to household chemicals and cosmetics are also possible. Therefore, for the expectant mother, you need to choose exclusively hypoallergenic products, and even better – designed specifically for pregnant women or for babies. See also: How to treat allergies in pregnant women?


  • The most dangerous option for the appearance of a pregnant chyos is liver malfunction. It is known that pruritus is one of the main symptoms of cholecystitis, hepatitis and cholecyst pancreatitis. It is then that the whole body itches in a pregnant woman – legs, arms, back, abdomen, neck, fingers and feet. Itching is worse at night and is contagious. First, one part of the body begins to itch, then the rest, and at the end itching covers the whole body. In attacks of such scabies, you can comb the skin until it bleeds, and infect the wounds.


  • Itching can be caused by hormones. This is due to estrogens, which are secreted in sufficient quantities during pregnancy. A special difference is that hormonal itching is not “manic” in nature, as in the previous case, and disappears after childbirth.


  • The penultimate reason is skin diseases such as eczema or scabies mites. Moreover, dermatological diseases are characterized by severe itching in the skin folds and between the fingers and toes. If a woman had skin problems before pregnancy, then during this difficult period, there is a high probability that they will only get worse.
  • Itching of the genitals can be caused by thrush. This is not a rare disease of pregnant women, so doctors – gynecologists so closely monitor the microflora of the vagina and take tests for inoculation at almost every visit.

Don’t miss a serious illness!

As mentioned above, the most serious ailment in which itching appears is liver failures

So, if a pregnant woman begins to torment manic itch impulses, which intensify at night and become stronger and stronger, then you need to see a doctor immediately!

  • In a hospital, possibly in a hospital, a pregnant woman will Ultrasound abdominal cavity, take all the necessary tests and determine if there is a danger of cholecystitis. In the most tragic case, even an emergency delivery or an unplanned cesarean section is possible due to the danger to the health of the child.


  • Remember that itching anyway – this is already a reason to contact your doctor. The doctor should examine you for all the diseases that can cause it and prescribe drugs that block this restless syndrome. After all, excruciating pregnant scabies, at least, makes the expectant mother nervous, which in itself is very undesirable.

What to do if the body itches during pregnancy?

remember, that you can not self-medicate during pregnancy – this can lead to complications. Do not harm yourself and your unborn child – always contact your doctor for an adequate treatment.

But there is absolutely harmless recommendationsthat do not require the use of drugs that will help the expectant mother to cope with attacks of scabies.

  • To take a shower. The itching increases with hot water, and decreases with cold water. This means that in the evening you can perform cool water procedures.
  • Follow a hypoallergenic diet. Since the pregnant body becomes very susceptible to hazardous foods, it is worth eliminating potential allergens from your diet. Forget oranges, honey and chocolate. Eat the right, healthy food – and do not forget about the right nutrition in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.


  • Use special moisturizing creams for your breasts and abdomen. They will at least slightly relieve the stress of stretching from the skin, causing the itching to subside.
  • If the cause is stagnation of bile, then strong adsorbents, for example, activated carbon, can help. But you should know that you need to take any medicine, even the most harmless, only with the permission of your doctor!

During pregnancy, even the smallest change in well-being is extremely important. After all, at stake – life and health of the unborn child

Therefore, be attentive to your feelings, and do not hesitate to contact a doctor!

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