Jack Nicholson bullied Angelica Houston for 16 years

Some people are simply not designed for long-term, healthy relationships, and as a result, they have a trail of failed marriages, toxic alliances, and resentful ex-partners. Loving such people is a hell of a job that usually ends in a broken heart. Actress Angelica Houston (69 years old) experienced a similar relationship. Her personal hell is associated with Jack Nicholson (83 years old), and it lasted 16 years.

Romance with Nicholson

jack nicholson and angelica houston

The actress spoke about all the twists and turns of their relationship in her memoirs. “Look at me” (2014). The couple met in 1973 at a party at Nicholson’s house, and they danced all night. The next morning, the actor sent her home in a taxi, and a few days later called Angelica, wanting to arrange a date with her. Then Jack calmly canceled it, because at that time he met with the singer Michelle Phillips and first wanted to break up with her, and only then take up the seduction of Houston.

Angelica, daughter of director John Huston, began her modeling career in her early teens and is used to the handsome men around her. However, she could not resist the charm of Nicholson – however, like many other women with whom she had to share her beloved.

Jack’s inconsistency, flirting and cheating

In 1973, when Angelica and Jack went to a Carol King concert, “Joni Mitchell was sitting between Nicholson’s legs the whole time on the ground,” the actress told. Angelica was jealous and felt hurt, but he ignored her tears and only laughed at her.

At the beginning of their romance, Angelica’s friend, actress and model Apollonia van Ravenstein, told her that she had a relationship with Nicholson. When Angelica asked Jack a question, he indifferently replied that he had just a little pity and consoled Apollonia.

“Jack did not promise me to be faithful, and for some reason he thought that such answers should suit me, – admitted Houston. “He could be a terrible possessive and at the same time very generous, for example, he bought me a beautiful Mercedes-Benz.”

jack nicholson and angelica houston 2

Jack told her he didn’t want to get married, and in 1975 Angelica discovered the reason. She found letters from a girl where she spoke “How much she missed Jack, and how tenderly they made love.” The offended Angelica left Nicholson and began dating Ryan O’Neill, but this romance only lasted a couple of weeks.

“I’m not a priority in Jack’s life.”

The actress returned to Nicholson, who was not even going to change his behavior. By the end of 1989, the couple finally broke up, and in 1990 Angelica received the last blow from him. Jack told her that he had a child from another woman, and soon she saw an article in a magazine Playboy, which described Nicholson’s new relationship. The actress went to his office in Paramount Pictures and literally attacked him.

“All the years of anger and resentment splashed out. He came out of the bathroom, and I hit him, – she writes. “I hit him on the head and shoulders.”


Decades later, the actress was able to talk about this terrible relationship, and she confessed to Alec Baldwin on a podcast:

“He got carried away too easily. I spent a lot of time in tears when I was with Jack. I felt humiliated all the time, and I always knew that I was not a priority in his life. “

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