James Galante Net Worth

James Galante’s total wealth is estimated at $100 million even after his imprisonment. He has been associated with the Genovese crime family and has been involved with a number of business ventures. His businesses included the defunct Danbury Trashers minor league hockey team and a racecar team for Ted Christopher. His time in jail has also had an impact on his net worth. He was convicted of a criminal offense in 2008 and sentenced to five to seven year imprisonment. After serving his sentence, he was released in 2014. He also lost all his assets, including his controlling interest in 25 garbage-related businesses worth $100 million.

James Galante was born in the Bronx, New York. His father, Jimmy Galante, was a member of the Air Force. He was discharged and worked as a sanitation truck driver until then. After leaving the military, he founded Automated Waste Disposal in Danbury, Connecticut. In a short time, he built a huge business empire. His net worth has increased over the years and he is now considered one of Connecticut’s wealthiest men.

James Galante’s childhood was filled with trials and jail sentences, as well as business failures. He served six years in federal prison, but was later released. While incarcerated, he was still able to earn a considerable amount of money. Galante is an entrepreneur and also owns a number properties. He owns a restaurant and a grocery store in Connecticut. He also has a home in South Salem, New York.

Galante is an extremely successful businessman. He founded Enviro Solutions, a recycling company that is based in the Bronx. He was convicted of filing a false tax return in 2005 and sentenced to a long prison term. His assets, including his collection of race cars, were seized by the government. His only asset was his $65 million home in Southbury, Connecticut. His property and businesses were unaffected. His net worth is estimated at around $3 million.

James Galante’s net wealth is estimated at $100 million. His net worth is $75 million. However, his net worth is primarily due his business. His assets are split between his two companies. Roseanne, her husband and three children are his only surviving siblings. He also has a home in Connecticut. His assets are divided between his two companies and his nonprofit foundation. This is due to his philanthropy.

As an entrepreneur, James Galante has a high net worth. Galante has been involved in many business ventures and was the former CEO of Automated Waste Disposal. This company holds contracts for garbage removal in Westchester, Western Connecticut, and Putnam County. His assets are estimated to be around $1 million. He has been the subject of Netflix’s “Unknown” documentary, which focuses on his early years.

Jimmy Galante created the Danbury Trashers minor-league hockey team in 2004. He also owned Ted Christopher’s racecar team. He earned a fortune from his companies. His net worth is estimated at $100 million. The man is a former CEO of Automated Waste Disposal. His net worth was $10 million. His company is now valued at more than $300 million. As a successful businessman, James Galante has a high net-worth.

His net worth has been estimated at $100 million. His net worth fluctuates greatly. It is possible that James Galante earned more than $100 million in the past few years. While his net worth is impressive, he is best known for being an active philanthropist. He is actually more closely associated with the Genovese crime clan than anyone else. He actually has a high net worth.

Jimmy Galante’s net worth is estimated at $100 million. Galante is a businessman who started two garbage-disposal businesses in Danbury. His companies were valued at around $100 million. He donated a portion his net-worth for charity. Those donations will go towards his charitable causes. In fact, he has become so wealthy because of his charitable efforts. With his wealth, he helped others.

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