Jan Markell Net Worth

Jan Markell is a well-known speaker, author, and radio personality. Her work as a speaker and author as well as radio personality has brought her an estimated net worth $3.5 million. Her most notable book was delivered in 1977, and she has since written seven more books. Jan Markell has also spoken on many topics, including Israel and prescience. Her audiences have been attentive to her discussions of Bible predictions and updated developments.

The early 1980s were a fruitful time for Jan Markell. Her ministry was cut short in 1985 due to chronic fatigue syndrome. Though, she fought the condition for many years, she eventually recovered. Today, she still hosts her own radio program called Understanding the Times. Her net worth is estimated at millions of dollars. However, the most notable source of her wealth is her public broadcasts. She is affiliated with the Salem Radio Network and airs on over 850 radio stations weekly.

She hosts a podcast and Understanding the Times radio show, which is nationally syndicated. After recovering from a stroke, she began hosting her show in her fifties. She has a following of three to four thousand listeners every day, which makes her net worth quite high. She is also a cat mom to Josh and Elijah. Listed below are her net worth in 2017.

Her work is highly respected in the North American Christian community. She has written eight books and hosted the largest prophecy conference in North America. She teaches believers how to read the signs of God’s times. Her podcast Understanding the Times has more than six million listeners. She has worked with hundreds of groups since founding Olive Tree Ministries. Besides writing books, she also serves on a wide variety of home partnerships and women’s gatherings.

Jan Markell is an American author and speaker. She is also a radio host. She is the host of Understanding the Times, a weekly radio program hosted by Understanding the Times. She is 78 years of age. Her height is higher than average. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall and weighs a whopping 86 pounds. Jan Markell’s net worth is unknown despite her fame and success. It is important to remember that Jan Markell’s success was not a result of fame and fortune but a combination hard work and faith.

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