Japanese fatigue test – test yourself

Yamamoto Hashima is a famous Japanese psychotherapist, famous for the authorship of the popular method for analyzing the degree of human fatigue.

Do you think that you feel good and calm at the moment? Perhaps you `re right. However, as practice shows, the unconscious components of the psyche often “dictate” their conditions, which is reflected in the psychoemotional state. For example, deep down in the soul, a person can be completely depressed, but he masks sadness with smiles and everyone thinks that he is happy.

Are you ready to check your current psycho-emotional state? Then take this Japanese test.

Test instructions:

  1. Get into a comfortable position.
  2. Relax and focus on yourself.
  3. Take a look at the pictures below. Tell me if the objects are moving and, if so, at what speed?
  4. See the result.
illusion 1
Photo taken from the psychological portal
illusion 2
Photo taken from the psychological portal

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Test results

Japanese fatigue test - test yourself

1. Illusions move fast

You are currently in a state of deep depression, psychosis or neurasthenia. No, these are not necessarily psychiatric diagnoses. Perhaps the reason for your depressed state of mind was the words or actions of an individual. In your unconscious, it is reflected as the root of evil. Therefore, whenever you are forced to interact with him, feel sad and feel a lack of energy.

You are very tired. Tired of work, worries, toxic people and endless responsibilities. Now you are in dire need of rest and social isolation. It is possible that health was also under threat. Not surprisingly, mental and physical states are interconnected.

If you feel that you cannot solve the problem of depression on your own, we recommend that you seek professional help from our psychologists and psychotherapists.

2. Illusions move at medium speed

At the moment, your psycho-emotional state is satisfactory. It is difficult to call you an absolutely happy person, but you are definitely not susceptible to depression now.

Feeling weak, physically or mentally. It is highly likely that it is associated with nervous tension. Perhaps you are working a lot or investing too much effort and resources in a hopeless project. Try to take a break and rest. Switch your psyche to something pleasant for you.

3. Illusions move very slowly or remain motionless

Congratulations, your psycho-emotional state is stable! Overwork, depression and nervous exhaustion are definitely not in danger of you. You are a skilled businessman who knows how to properly allocate resources, so the problem of emotional burnout is not relevant to you.

You rarely encounter so-called creative crises. Know how to control emotions and solve difficult issues. You are practically not stressed. It is extremely rare to lose your temper.

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