Jason Wahler Parents Net Worth

Jason Wahler’s parents are the most important people in his life. His father, Rick, works in real estate development. He is an advisor for Trivest Builders, Inc., a company that specializes in residential and commercial buildings. His parents are very supportive of Jason and his career.

In the late 2000s, Jason struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. He was arrested 18 times and went to 12 different rehabs. In 2014, he turned his life around. He was able to overcome his addictions and get a clean record. He also helped launch the Red Songbird Foundation, which helps people struggling with substance abuse.

Jason Wahler’s parents are not wealthy. His father is a contractor, while his mother is a homemaker. Jason Wahler has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Southern California. He has two siblings, one daughter and a son. His net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Jason Wahler’s parents have a combined net worth of $300 thousand. His father, Rick, has a construction business. His mother, Denese, is a homemaker. Rick and Denese Wahler’s net worth is $300 thousand. However, it is unclear how much Jason Wahler earned from his business ventures.

Jason Wahler married Ashley Slack on October 12, 2013. Their wedding was a private ceremony. They have a daughter, named Kirra Wahler. During their early marriage, Jason Wahler was also involved with Lauren Conrad, who is his co-star. The two began dating in November 2012.

Jason Wahler celebrates his birthday on January 11. The family spends a lot of money on a special location. They also spend money on food and celebratory ideas. Jason Wahler has a private collection of cars. The car he drives is called “Update Soon.” He is very conscious of staying in touch with his fans and uses social media accounts to update fans on his activities.

Jason Wahler was born in Laguna Beach, California. His parents are American-White. His mother, Annette, worked as a school administrator at Folsom Middle School. He has one sister, Krystyn. His parents also have one aunt, Cathy Wahler Holmes.

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