Jessica Alba shares her parenting secrets

Jessica Alba has gone from being an actress in popular TV series and films (Dark Angel, Sin City) to being a business owner and eco-brand, partly focused on mothers and children.

The 39-year-old star and co-founder of The Honest Company was recently interviewed by Romper, where she appeared on the March cover. After the birth of her first child in 2008, Jessica Alba decided to prioritize motherhood over acting. Now she and her husband Cash Warren already have three children: 12-year-old Honor, 9-year-old Haven and 3-year-old Hayes.

Jessica Alba
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“The birth of my first daughter changed my life”

Even before she herself first became a mother, Jessica always paid maximum attention to her family and her health:

“My mother fell ill with cancer when she was very young. Many women in my family have had various types of cancer, and none of them were genetically determined. I myself grew up with a chronic illness. By the time I was 11, I had five operations. I suffered from allergies and spent a lot of time in hospitals as a child. When Honor was born, I realized: I want to live in good health and prosperity, I want to spend all the time with the child I gave birth to. Which means my health matters. And I want this little man to be healthy. It is terribly difficult to be happy when you are not healthy. “

The actress easily gave up work and plunged into motherhood:

“I was not tormented by the question, will they invite me to film again? In truth, my career was at its peak at the time. And then, after the appearance of Aunor, everything changed. I couldn’t get back to work and do it with full dedication. I just couldn’t do it. I was no longer attracted and interested in filming as much as before. Everything really changed when I became a mom for the first time. “

Jessica Alba on parenting:
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Parenting Secrets From Jessica Alba

Since then, Jessica has had two more children, she is already a mother of three. The actress and businesswoman is confident that mom and dad should be constantly present in the lives of children, listen and understand them. She voiced her vision of parenting, which may be close to many parents:

“Respect is not the same as treating a child as an adult. I want my children to feel that they are seen, heard and appreciated, but I also have to take into account that they are still children, and they do not yet have the same set of skills as adults. They still cannot make the right choice, therefore, they still need advice and guidance, and they still need certain boundaries. “

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Jessica also emphasized how important it is to pause, cool down and think carefully before letting emotions spiral out of control in case of any disagreements and conflicts with children:

“I should probably choose a more appropriate time to talk, but I’m just talking about a painful situation the moment it happens. When they are upset, angry and want to lock themselves in their rooms, I give them that time, and after about 10 minutes they cool off. And then we can talk normally. “

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Personal life should be closed from prying eyes

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Although the actress is a media personality, she prefers that her private life be as private as possible:

“I don’t need social media as therapy. I do not run there to pour out my soul, telling about what a bad mother I am today. It shouldn’t concern anyone. People already know enough about me. By the way, I make mistakes all the time. In the rare moments when I meet with friends, we are reminded of how we made good and bad decisions. And then we smile and have a glass of wine. “

Jessica always tries to be close to her children and husband:

“I try to get home early from work to take a bath and cuddle the kids before bed. After that, Cash and I have dinner together and tell each other about the past day. For me this time together is very valuable and very necessary. “

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