Jessica Alba teaches her daughters to work hard since childhood

Hollywood star Jessica Alba dreams of teaching children to work. She believes that they will have to work hard to maintain the fortune acquired by their parents.

The 37-year-old actress is raising her daughters Honor and Haven, who are in elementary school. She also has a one-year-old son, Hayes. Jessica is raising children with her husband Cash Warren.

Jessica Alba Cash Warren
Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren

Jessica Alba Cash Warren

Children sometimes complain and whine when their parents go to work. But she conducts conversations with them, explaining that adults cannot do without this.

“If my children complain that Cash and I are going to work, I say,“ Do you like the way we live? ”Alba says. – All this is not for free. Mom and Dad have to work so that the children have everything they need. That’s why you need to take care of yourself. I say that if they don’t work hard, life will not be like ours. So you need to decide on your desires. Children need to go to school, study well, be kind to others. In this matter, I am very tough.

Jessica Alba in bed
Jessica Alba with her husband and children

Jessica Alba with her family at home

Jessica often misses parenting meetings and school matinees for her eldest daughter. She acts in films, runs her own business.

“I can’t be at every party at school, I’m not able to take her there every time and pick up,” adds Alba. “But I show Honor how precious my time is, she appreciates it. I also want to convince her that my job is important to me, that I am trying my best to break out to a better life. She may learn this way of life.

For almost ten years, family affairs were more important for the actress than her career. Back in Hollywood, she was surprised at the change. Movements like #MeToo, which advocate for women’s rights, influence their position in the industry.

“I’m returning to acting because this is my first love, part of my identity,” Jessica admits. “Hollywood has changed a lot since I almost retired ten years ago. There was confidence in how important it is for women to be well paid to be represented both in front of the camera and behind it. For all the heartache that underlies the #MeToo movement, it has excited enlightened people.
Alba’s fees went up after the vacation, not down. And this also surprises her.

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