Jessica Chastain – the success story of the famous actress

Jessica Chastain is one of those stars in whose biography there is no place for scandals and gossip. Having managed to break through to the very top of the stellar Olympus and turned into a class A star, the actress retained an impeccable reputation, attentive attitude to work and complete independence from other people’s opinions.

Jessica Chastain

Childhood and adolescence of the future actress

The future star was born on March 24, 1977 in Sacramento, California. The girl’s childhood cannot be called cloudless: she was raised by a single mother who worked as a cook in a vegan restaurant, and Jessica never knew the name of her biological father. The actress calls her real father the firefighter Michael Hastie, who married her mother and raised Jessica like her own daughter. It was he who later became an example of an ideal man for the star.

However, before his appearance in the house, Jessica had to get along with other boyfriends of her mother, who were far from always distinguished by a peaceful disposition and could raise their hand against the girl. According to the actress, it was this difficult period in her life that taught her to be strong and be able to stand up for herself. The main support and advisor in everything for little Jessica was her grandmother, who was always ready to help and support her granddaughter.

Jessica Chastain childhood

Love for cinema and art woke up in Jessica very early: being completely indifferent to the exact sciences like mathematics and physics, the future star read Shakespeare, forgetting about the lessons. At the age of 7, Jessica saw the musical “Joseph and His Amazing Dreamcoat” and was eager to become an actress. She began with classes in a choreographic studio, and at the age of thirteen she enrolled in a theater group.

After graduation, Jessica entered the city college, where she continued to pursue acting. The next step was Juilliard – the famous school of art in New York. Despite the huge competition, Jessica managed to enter a prestigious educational institution and receive a Robin Williams scholarship there, which allowed her to study with the modest financial capabilities of the family.

How did it all start?

As often happens, the young actress, who has no connections or influential relatives, could not get worthwhile roles for a long time, and was forced to work as an animator, rent a tiny room for a couple with a neighbor, and count every cent. And only in 2009, Jessica finally got the main role in the full-length film “Jolene” and was able to declare herself.

Jessica Chastain1

But the actress’s finest hour struck in 2011, when Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain, was released. The picture was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and received the main prize there – the Palme d’Or. After that, Jessica woke up famous.

Jessica Chastain2

“I was told that I am outdated and too red-haired. And now everyone needs me. “

At the moment, Jessica Chastain has more than thirty roles in the piggy bank, including such films as “The Servant”, “The Drunkest District in the World”, “Interstellar”, “The Martian”, “The Most Cruel Year”. She has worked with the most famous directors such as Catherine Bigelow (Target number one), Guillermodel Toro (Mama, Crimson Peak), and Ridley Scott (The Martian).

For 11 years of her career in big cinema, Jessica has managed to establish herself as a talented and versatile actress, capable of handling a variety of roles: from crime drama to fantasy, from horror to political thriller.

Jessica Chastain3

“We all learned to live in a society in which women find it difficult to choose their place, so I want girls, after watching“ The Martian ”or“ Interstellar ”, and think:“ I want to become an astronaut or a scientist in the field of quantum physics. ” It is important to show strong and successful women: many need such examples. “

In 2017, Jessica joined the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Along with viewing and evaluating films, the actress raised the issue of sexism in modern cinema.

“I watched 20 films for the first time in 10 days, and I liked them. The only thing that confused me was how the world sees women. It could be traced through the prism of the female characters on the screen, which caused unsettling feelings, to be honest. “

Jessica Chastain4

Personal life of a star

Jessica has never advertised her personal life and admits that she has always avoided relationships with famous people and actors in order to remain self-sufficient and avoid being labeled as someone’s girlfriend. In 2017, Chastain married an Italian aristocrat, designer of the fashion brand Moncler, Jean Luc Passy de Preposulo. This came as a big surprise to many, because before that, for a long time, the actress was not interested in marriage at all.

“I never wanted to get married. When I first met my husband, he understood that marriage did not interest me. But when we got to know each other better, my opinion changed. There are things worth celebrating. And my wedding to him is something that was really worth celebrating. “

Jessica Chastain5

In 2018, the couple had a daughter, Juliet, who was given birth to by a surrogate mother.

Beautiful lady style

Fashion is another passion of Jessica, along with cinema and literature. The actress has collaborated with fashion brands such as Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Piaget, and shines on the red carpet in gorgeous images of the Hollywood diva.

Jessica Chastain6

Her style, timelessly feminine and elegant, combines sensuality, luxury and sophistication, and perfectly matches Jessica’s aristocratic appearance. The actress is very fond of images in the spirit of old Hollywood and chooses bustier dresses, maxi lengths, fitted silhouettes, red lipstick and curls. Even in everyday life, she prefers refinement and restraint.

Jessica Chastain7

“Fashion is like acting for me. Both are ways of telling stories. “

Jessica Chastain8

In the near future, Jessica has several more projects planned: the actress manages to successfully combine her film career, family life and motherhood. She continues to actively act in films, delight fans with new paintings and appearances on the red carpet. It remains only to wish the star further success and new roles.

Jessica Chastain9

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