Jim Lamon Net Worth

Jim Lamon Net Worth

Jim Lamon has made waves worldwide with his dedication and hard work towards his goals, serving as an example to young people worldwide. To reach his current position he made many adjustments in his life; it wasn’t an easy journey!

Successful entrepreneurs like Dr. DePCOM Power are capable of earning millions due to their entrepreneurialism. He founded DEPCOM Power and serves as its current CEO; with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Alabama and 25+ years’ experience working with top executives he also enjoys weight training, hiking, and yoga – hobbies which captivate his fans who look up to him as role models.

Recently, Mark Kelly has made efforts to make his voice heard in Arizona politics by running for a senatorial seat there. Unfortunately, however, his campaign faces stiff competition from Democratic candidate Mark Kelly; though he has put much of his personal wealth towards supporting it; unfortunately this amount doesn’t match up against his competition’s spending power.

According to public records, Jim has loaned his own campaign $5 million so far and donated another $2 million towards an organization which promotes voter registration operations and shares his ideological beliefs that works against “dark money.”

Republican candidate Matt Meeks has been very active on social media, explaining why Blake Masters, his opponent in this election, should not become senator. Masters is a venture capitalist who wrote critically of President Donald Trump’s national security policies in his college essay and once quoted German Nazi leader Hermann Goering; furthermore he once likened Israel and North Korea while once likening Ted Kaczynski’s terrorist acts with those of Unabomber’s subversive ideology.

Jim Lamon, a retired Army Airborne Officer who founded solar energy firm DEPCOM Power. If elected, Jim pledges to donate his salary if elected and will not take any pension benefits or serve more than two terms in Congress. Described by himself as an America First candidate with strong beliefs for change in Washington D.C.

He served six years as an Army Airborne Officer during the Cold War in Germany. Additionally, his background includes engineering, construction and operation of coal and gas-fired power plants as well as real estate development – owning his own ranch in Utah.

From what he has shared on social media, it appears as though he may have both a son and grandson. One Instagram photo featured them together.

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