Joey King on fame and self-improvement – interview with a star

Are you familiar with Joey King and her work? If not, then it’s time to get to know this very young, but already promising Hollywood star.

By the age of 21, Joey had managed to show herself as a talented and versatile actress, starring in both light rom-coms and thrillers with a famously twisted plot. And now, after filming “Alarm Call”, the star decided to take time for herself. In a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, the star spoke about working on herself, the costs of acting and much more.

Joey King
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About working on yourself

Now the career of 21-year-old Joey King is on the rise: only for 2021, three projects are planned, and ahead of him is a joint work with such “veterans” of Hollywood as Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. And while the actress has a short break between filming, she is working on herself, struggling with excessive perfectionism and learning to give herself a rest.

“This year I have worked a lot on myself. Now I have started a therapy that I have never used before. I did it to become the best version of myself that I’m trying to be. Now I try not to put too much pressure on myself and when I feel like I’ve had enough, I just say to myself, “Hey, don’t worry, it’s okay” or “It’s okay if you only reply to one email.” I feel better when I can say this. I guess I’m not the most patient person. But I’m working on it. “

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About acting career

Like most Hollywood stars, Joey faced an unpleasant seamy side of acting fame: her whole life is under the scrutiny of the media, and every step, every image, every output is discussed and sorted into pieces, which, of course, does not make the girl happy.

“Being an actress is very difficult because there is always a certain image that you would like to show people, but in reality you cannot control everything that people think of you. Gradually, I began to realize the other side of the fact that people know so much about me, my personality and my personal life. “

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However, despite all the difficulties, Joey does not regret at all about her decision to become an actress, which she made as a child. For the first time in front of the camera, the girl appeared at the age of four, starring in a commercial. And at the age of six she was already playing a movie heroine drowning in the ocean. The picture “Ramona and Byezus” brought her fame, after which the career of the young star went uphill.

“I’m so damn grateful that I have achieved such a noticeable success, when I myself can decide where I want to act and where not, and got opportunities that would never have presented to me.”

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The star also admitted that she really appreciates all her roles and considers it important to play different characters. The girl also emphasized that fame does not really matter to her, self-realization is much more important.

“I think that being an ordinary person and at the same time being able to transform into anyone, for example, El Evans (the heroine of Joey King), to become like any girl and play the main role – I think that is the whole point of acting. Become something like Gypsy (Joey King’s heroine) and give up vanity completely. I think people understand this: vanity is not my main goal. “

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