John Cage Meets Sun Ra The Complete Film

A new John Cage Meets Sun Ra album is out, and this time it features the legendary cosplayer on the cover. The music from this project was recorded in a converted penny arcade that is now a sideshow theater. The film was directed by Rick Russo, and it also includes a 45 RPM record featuring John Cage’s recording of a poem penned by Sun Ra, “Silent Duet.”

The film is an amazing, mind-blowing experience. The music from the John Cage meets Sun Ra performance is interpreted by the world’s most prestigious classical musicians. The video also features a performance by Ra himself. The film was never released in its entirety, but the recordings are still stunning. The video was released on Record Store Day 2019! If you’re a fan of both artists, you’ll definitely want to pick up this CD.

The music from this concert is phenomenal. It’s a must-have for music lovers. The soundtrack is a treat for fans of both artists. The video is equally incredible, but doesn’t serve as an excellent entry point for either artist’s catalog. For true Ra fans, it’s best to check out his early albums, as they’ll have the most profound impact on their own listening.

The complete film is the first release of the four-hour concert. The music came out in 2016 and the video was released on Record Store Day 2019. The DVD includes the original video and the full score of the concert. It’s worth the money if you’re a Cage fan, or are just curious about the two artists. It’s not the perfect introduction, but it’s still an excellent film.

The audio from this film is uncut, which is a huge plus for anyone interested in both artists’ works. The soundtrack is accompanied by an unreleased recording of the concert’s music. Both albums feature the entire performance. The film is also available as a downloadable video. The music is released on Record Store Day, and it’s available to fans of both Sun Ra and Cage.

The complete film contains four-hour-long performances by John Cage and Sun Ra. The film’s soundtrack, “Sun Ra Live,” is a powerful and memorable soundtrack. The soundtrack includes the complete music from both artists. The video was released on Record Store Day. This film is an excellent introduction to both artists. If you’re a fan of either artist, you may want to start with the complete film.

The film was issued as a two-disc set. The DVD also showcases unseen portions of the concert. In both editions, the discs featured the entire film. A special version of the soundtrack was released for Record Store Day in 2019. Unlike the LP, the DVD contains both the original score and the soundtrack. The soundtrack is a highlight of the film. Despite the lack of clarity, the video is very well edited and has a seamless, smooth feel.

The complete film is an essential addition to John Cage and Sun Ra’s catalogues. The concert’s music and video were never recorded, so fans can get a glimpse of their work without a major investment. The music and video are played live and are performed flawlessly. This film is a must-have for any Cage fan. Its soundtrack is an important piece of the film.

While John Cage and Sun Ra are not avant garde super duos, it is an exceptional document of their collaboration. The original live concert was never recorded, but the film is an outstanding example of the former’s avant-garde music and Ra’s visionary work. The two musicians met for the first time at a Coney Island venue in 1964 and a collaboration between the two was born.

The concert was produced by Rick Russo and Sun Ra, and the two were astonished by the chemistry between them. In a rare live concert, Cage performed with the great Native American musician Sun Ra. He read Cage’s book, “Silence,” and thought that he had read the author’s text. But this was not the case. The two were not able to communicate musically.

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