John Caparulo Net Worth

John Caparulo Net Worth

John Caparulo Net Worth is an award-winning comic who has found great success through various ventures such as comedy shows and appearances. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio and attending Kent State University to earn his degree in communications studies, John first started performing stand-up at local clubs before progressing onto Just for Laughs Festival; eventually making Chelsea Lately appearances and CMT’s Mobile Home Disaster hosting roles before issuing his parody collection, John Caparulo: Meet Cap, as well as hosting radio program “The Distraught Cap Hour Hour on SiriusXM.”

John has created his own family in Calabasas, California that he holds dear. In 2012 he married Jamie Marie Kelly and they now share a basset hound and rescue collie mix named Jax and both reside together as pets. Jamie Marie Kelly has always been supportive of John’s comedy; in fact she co-hosts his podcast Domestic Disputes together!

She assists him with hosting The Distraught Cap Hour radio show and their relationship has flourished beautifully; in October 2014 they shared the exciting news that Jamie was pregnant during an episode of their Domestic Disputes Podcast, giving birth in May 2015 with Madden Jae as her name.

Alongside his television and radio shows, he is also active on YouTube where he boasts over 56,000 subscribers. On this channel, he regularly uploads comedic videos that parody current media trends – his fans love this style and often comment to give their opinions.

He has made several minor television roles such as the short-lived ABC sitcom Work It and comedy pilot Laughter Patrol. Furthermore, he has hosted multiple radio shows as well as written many comedy sketches and scripts for these shows and events. Furthermore, WWE fans will recognize him from their appearances at numerous comedy events or shows!

He maintains an active television and radio career while running his own website where he sells various CAP merchandise such as caps, t-shirts and magnets. Outside the workplace he enjoys golf and spending time with family.

John has earned an estimated net worth of $500,000. Although not as well-known among comedians, John has made quite an impactful name for himself within the comedy world. We hope he continues his impressive efforts and increases his wealth through future endeavors – best wishes! For more information about John visit his social media pages – thank you for reading!

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