John Carpenter’s The Thing Blu Ray

John Carpenter’s reimagining of the classic sci-fi horror film premiered in 1982 to critical and audience acclaim. Its widescreen compositions and camera placements rarely stray from a horizontal plane. His clinical aesthetic creates a bedrock of visual calm, making the alien seem more incendiary and disturbing. Despite its classic status, The Thing is also a modern classic, and the Blu-ray version is certainly worth owning.

The Thing was released on video in the United States and Canada on November 18, 1986. In the U.S., the movie received its first Blu-ray release on October 10, 2016. In the UK, the movie has been re-released on DVD in many different formats, including high definition, 4K, and digital. The discs have been restored to an excellent standard. The 5.1 audio is especially good, and there is a bonus feature called “The Thing’s Remake” which gives viewers more insight into Carpenter’s vision.

The 1982 classic has finally established itself as a sci-fi horror classic, thanks to a number of quality home video releases. However, this new Shout Factory Blu-ray set is the definitive home video release of this film. It comes with a new transfer, an improved audio track, and bonus features. While this Blu-ray set isn’t as impressive as the original, it does boast a host of extras that make it worth the price.

In addition to the movie itself, the blu-ray release of The Thing contains a wealth of special features. You’ll find interviews with director Mick Garris and a retrospective on Carpenter’s legacy, a look behind the scenes at the film’s making and the incredible visual effects. If you’re a fan of Carpenter’s work, this will be a must-have!

The Thing will be available in the Blu-ray format on September 7. The blu-ray will feature special bonus features, including a documentary on the film’s making and the director’s recollections. Lastly, the disc features an exclusive trailer for the film, which can be watched during the movie’s opening credits. You can watch the special features on the movie’s blu-ray.

The Thing is an incredible film that’s been a classic in the horror genre for over a quarter century. It’s a must-have for any movie fan. Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or a fan of John Carpenter, you’re sure to find it on Blu-ray. Enjoy this amazing movie! john carpenter’s the thing (blu ray) para: The Thing is a classic film that deserves a new generation of fans. If you’re a fan of the creepy stuff, then you’ll enjoy this release of this classic. You’ll also find some special bonus features on the disc.

The second disc has plenty of bonus features. The director interviewed Neill Blomkamp for a blog on July 12, 2017, and both men discussed the legacy of The Thing. There’s also a feature on the editing and visual effects of the movie. The author Alan Dean Foster wrote the novelization of The Thing. The upcoming release of The Thing is set for September 7, 2021.

The Thing – A must-have horror classic, The Thing is a classic in every sense of the word. The filmmakers’ twisted visions and supernatural elements will have you clamoring to buy the Blu-ray. And if you’re a fan of The Thing, you’ll be glad you did. It’s the perfect horror movie.

The second disc is packed with bonus features. The director of The Thing, John Carpenter, and Adams discuss the legacy of the film. In addition, there are also interviews with the cast, crew, and special effects artists of The Thing. In case you’re looking for more information on Thething, you can read our review of the movie here. If you’re a fan of The Thing, you’ll want to buy the blu-ray.

The Thing is a fantastic horror movie, and it’s even better on Blu-ray. The original film is a classic, and ‘The Thing’ is a must-have for any horror fan. The movie is one of Carpenter’s best-known films, and a blu-ray is an excellent choice for fans of the classic. If you’re a horror fan, you’ll want to get this movie for its stunning A/V transfer and the extras on the Shout! Factory release.

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