John Cena And Trish Stratus Vs Edge And Lita

In the season finale of WWE Raw, Edge and Lita fought to be the next WrestleMania champions. In the first episode of the show, Edge and Lita were talking about Matt Hardy. After the match, the referee intervened and Kane appeared underneath the ring. The vengeful Kane destroyed the wedding ceremony, killing the priest and interrupting the ceremony. The storyline ended with this event.

Edge and Lita fought backstage, including during the Live $ex Celebration at New Year’s Revolution 2006. Afterwards, they appeared on RAW and argued about the match’s stipulations. However, after the Match, Edge and Lita had a big brawl and they were forced to perform on TV. Eventually, they threw each other off the ladder.

In the third episode, they were joined by Lita, who won the Women’s Championship. However, in the fourth episode, Lita and Edge faced off again. This time, it was Edge who won, with Trish winning a DQ. They were also the first WWE stars to have a Triple Crown match. But it will have to wait until December to see who will win.

After the main event, Lita and Edge had a second match. In this rematch, they faced off against John Cena and Lita. After a backstage brawl, Edge and Lita teamed up to face each other in the ring. In the previous edition, they faced off against each other in a tag team match. But this time, they were joined by a new partner, Trish.

The second match between the WWE champions has been called a “Slut Match” because of the way that Lita is portrayed. She was reportedly caught cheating on her husband, but a rematch with the same match did not happen until after the Triple Crown. In the previous edition, the two men had a single-woman title. Both women were seen having an affair, and both had been disqualified by a third.

After this match, both women were defeated by each other. This led to an aforementioned tag-team. Afterwards, they had three singles matches with different women. The match was a great showcase for the female talent. The two women are considered the top contenders in the division. There are also several other major divisions in wrestling. This is the first time a female superstar has won a title in WWE.

A rematch of the women’s championships has thrown a new twist to the feud. At first, Stratus and Edge fought each other in a one-on-one match. After the first match, Stratus and Edge rematch in the same ring. In the women’s title rematch, Lita challenged John Cena to a ladder match for the title.

On June 26, Stratus and Edge started a romantic angle after announcing their match. They wrestled for the championship, but the feud was short-lived. On August 24, Stratus and Edge fought each other in a mixed tag-team match. During the match, Stratus and Edge were the first to get the title.

In the second match of the night, Stratus and Edge were both injured. Stratus was hospitalized, but she returned to the ring and teamed up with Hall-of-Famer Lita. In the ring, the two women defeated the Riott Squad, Alicia Fox and Mickie James. They were eliminated after their tag team match with a double-team attack.

Stratus and Edge were part of Raw’s 15th anniversary special on May 5, 2008, where Stratus attacked Jillian Hall during her performance. The following month, Stratus and Edge were on a special Raw episode that taped in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Stratus and Edge competed in a mixed tag team match against Lita and Santino Marella.

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