John Cena Vs Cody Rhodes And Ted Dibiase

WWE’s Monday Night Raw special episode on December 4th featured the first-ever clash between John Cena and Cody Rhodes. This was a rematch between the former World Tag Team Champions and the New Japan Pro Wrestling team. The New Japan Pro Wrestling tag team won the match via count-out over Cena. The match lasted just over five minutes.

On May 9th, the ten-man tag team tournament saw Cody Rhodes return to the main event. The vetting for the match was shown live on the network. Then, he appeared in the ring to help Ted DiBiase Jr. beat Paul Burchill. This match was the third of this tournament, which featured the top four competitors in the world.

The match was highly anticipated, with the winner being crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. The show also featured a rematch of the previous Night of Champions title match between John Cena and Mike “the Miz” Mizanin. After the match, the two men got into a pull-apart brawl, but the match between John and Cody Rhodes is still undetermined.

After the match, the fans left the arena in awe. The crowd went wild, and the crowd was enthralled. In the post-match interview, Cena apologized to Michael Cole, who was on RAW as a guest. He and Cody Rhodes then faced the current WWE champions Kane and Randy Orton. The match ended with Ted DiBiase calling the RKO on both parties.

The first match between John Cena and Cody Rhodes aired on the same night as the World Tag Team Championship. The match lasted over a month, and during the match, Cody and Rhodes were crowned champion. However, in the next episode, they were beaten by Kofi Kingston and CM Punk to win the championship.

The second match between Cody Rhodes was a handicap match in which both men were forced to submit their opponents. The match ended with a Batista vs. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes lasted for an hour, and the final ended with a Batista v. Rhodes and Todd DiBiase.

During the first match, John Cena and Cody Rhodes were both on a losing streak. In the second match, Rhodes defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase in a handicap match. After the match, the two wrestlers then faced each other again. It was a double elimination. During the last match, the first two fought each other in a singles ring.

The second match of the night was a double disqualification match between Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Both men were disqualified for their actions in the first match. They were then physically attacked by Orton and lost the World Tag Team Championship on October 27. During the second match, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBidase remained at the top of the WWE ladder for several weeks, before he lost it to the newly-crowned team.

After the second match, the third was a No Contest. After the third match, the two wrestlers lost their titles to Cody Rhodes. Both men fought in a three-way battle. During the fourth match, both men fought each other. The main event involved John Cena and the two former world heavyweight champion.

In the fourth match, the two men met in a 60-minute Iron Man match. The match was a no-contest match, with the title being up for grabs. In the final, the two wrestlers were disqualified and subsequently disqualified. During the fifth match, both men lost their title matches to a Triple Threat.

Following the New Year’s Revolution, John Cena vs. Cody was originally billed as a Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, but it was changed to a Triple H match, and both men were on the same page. The first match between these two men ended in a no-contest, but the second match lasted for a long time.

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