John Debney I Put A Spell On You

The soundtrack of the movie Hocus Pocus was composed by John Debney. It was originally 60 minutes long, but was shortened to 43 minutes for the promo. Luckily, bootleg recordings of the soundtrack were published on the Internet, and included the entire film’s score, along with alternate versions of several songs. The music was sung by Bette Midler, Nina Simone, and Annie Lennox, and the entire album was recorded by John Debney.

The song was a hit, and Hawkins’ stage persona was unique. He would emerge from a smoldering coffin, a bone stuck in his nose, and a skull in his hand. He wore a velvet cape and a cane. The performance became so successful that his personal life began to spiral out of control. He married six times and claimed fifty-five children.

Hawkins’ song “I Put a Spell on You” was a hit. His stage persona was outrageous and unique. He would emerge from a burning coffin holding a skull and bone through his nose. He also wore a velvet cape and carried a cane. It’s no wonder that his performance became so famous, as his life was no longer tame. He claimed fifty-five children and six wives.

The original version of the song by John Debney was released in 1993. The promotional CD was released by his agency, but it is very hard to find. It was not released to the public until late 2013, so if you are searching for a version, you’re in luck! There are dozens of cover versions of the song available online, so you can find it easily. Adding lyrics is free, and doesn’t take long at all.

Besides being a hit for Hawkins, “Spell” has also been a hit for Hawkins. He lent his voice to the film’s soundtrack, which was made by Debney. The album was later released on a promotional CD by his agency in 1993. It’s become a collector’s item, and has since been made available online. If you like John Debney’s music, make sure to check out his other releases.

Hawkins’ “Spell” was a hit for the movie, and Hawkins himself became a legendary stage presence. He would emerge from a burning coffin with a skull in his hand and a bone through his nose. He would also walk around with a cane and wear a red velvet cape. His act was so popular that it became his life, and his life eventually became untamed. At least for a few years, he had several affairs and he claimed to have fifty-five children.

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