John Deere 47 Snowblower Auger Shear Bolts

Shear bolts and nuts are integral components of your John Deere 47 snowblower. They’re responsible for connecting the auger shaft to the driveshaft. When they fail, shear pins and bolts must be replaced. They can be a costly part of your machine. It’s imperative to replace these quickly and correctly to prevent further damage. However, it’s not as simple as replacing the bolts and nuts.

The X700 tractors have a 47-inch Quick-Hitch Snow Blower, which is ideal for all types of snow. This machine is designed for heavy-duty snow removal around industrial and recreational parks. The auger churns through ice and hard-packed slush. The shear pin breaks if the workload is too much, protecting the auger driveshaft from damage.

Choosing a new auger can be difficult because of the many different parts. Some parts are interchangeable, while others are permanent. The X700 has a removable brush guard, which allows the operator to keep it on the tractor while using the snow blower. If you’re unsure of the proper replacement parts, contact a local dealer or order online. The company is committed to helping you find the right parts for your John Deere tractors.

The X700 Quick-Hitch Snow Blower has a low-speed auger to move snow toward the center of the machine, and then into the high-speed rotor. It’s the X700 series of Snowblowers, and it’s the perfect machine for heavy-duty winter snow-cleanup jobs. The high-speed auger provides consistent velocity in light to medium-volume clean-up.

The X700-series is the most popular tractor in the line. The X700 is also compatible with the X700 compact utility tractor. In addition to the X700, the 47-inch Quick-Hitch Snowblower works in any type of snow, and the two-stage configuration is best suited for the industrial and recreational parks. The high-speed rotor delivers consistent velocity and placement in variable-snow conditions.

The X700-series Quick-Hitch Snowblower is designed for heavy-duty work. The unit is suitable for light-duty jobs in the industrial or recreational parks. The X700-series is designed for heavy-duty snow clearing. Its high-speed augers churn through hard-packed snow and ice. The shear pin is an important safety mechanism for this machine. When it breaks, the shear pin will protect the auger driveshaft.

There are various types of bolts and shear pins for different machines. Gr.2 A307A bolts are the most common. You can purchase them with lock nuts and they’ll work for many different kinds of machines. The Select Series X590 tractors need the M158756 spring and M174506 belt to operate properly. If the shear pins and bolts are not visible, try to remove them from the shaft.

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