John Deere 72 Front Mount Mower Deck

A professional flail mower deck is a great addition to a John Deere 72 front mount lawn mower. It has a 3.5″ cutting height and comes with 116 heavy duty blades. Hammer Blades are the most versatile and can be sharpened multiple times. These blades are designed to cut tall grasses and other tall grasses. It also has a rear discharge to prevent clippings from blowing back onto the operator.

The eight-point mounting system will change. The 2520 was a different style of front quick hitch. The driveshafts will need to be adjusted. The 2520 had either a 49 or 54-inch blower. The MMM linkage will also be different. JD won’t sell you a kit, but they do have a free parts site. The corresponding parts will be available separately.

The redesigned flail mower deck will fit the 72. However, the 2520 will not fit in the 855. It will be too short. The front quick hitch on the 855 is different from that of the 2520. The drive shafts will need to be adjusted. You may also need to adjust the driveshafts. The redesigned MMM linkage will be different, so you’ll need to have it re-lengthened. If you find a JD parts site that offers free parts, you can buy the components you need.

The eight-point mounting on the 2520 was a four-point system and the front quick hitch was a different style. Because of this, the drive shafts will need to be adjusted. The drive shafts on the 855 and 2520 will need to be adjusted. The MMM linkage on the 855 will be different from the MMM on the 2520. There won’t be a JD swap kit.

The flail mower deck is a popular choice for many JD users. Its design makes it easy to adjust the width and height of the front mounting for the MMM. It can be used on both tractors. There are no other major differences. The MMM is a popular option on many front mount lawn mowers. There are many advantages to this style. These models are the best choices for many homeowners.

The fmms on the 2520 are 50- and 54-inch. The 2520 blowers were only available in a 49-inch and a 54-inch model. The driveshafts will have to be lengthened. You can also use a spare part kit made for the 2520. If you want to make a front mount lawn mower deck for your 72, check out these parts.

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