John Forsythe Net Worth

John Forsythe Net Worth

John Forsythe amassed an estimated net worth of around $5 Million at his death in 2010. As an actor, Forsythe enjoyed a distinguished career on film, television, and the stage; perhaps most notably as Bentley Gregg on Bachelor Father and Blake Carrington on Dynasty respectively – as well as Charlie Townsend voice in Charlie’s Angels! Additionally he appeared in numerous films as well as hosted World of Survival!

Born January 29th 1918 to Wall Street banker parents in Penns Grove, New Jersey. Raised in a privileged household. Following graduation, Forsythe began work as public address announcer with the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team; quickly recognized for his smooth-talking voice he moved out west where his career flourished before making his Broadway debut as early as 1943 – as well as serving in the military during this time.

After his short Broadway run, Forsythe took up acting roles in various Warner Bros movies before landing three long-running television series roles – first portraying single father Bentley Gregg on Bachelor Father, which ran from 1957-1962. His next film role came in 1966’s Hollywood adaptation of Truman Capote’s novel In Cold Blood as Detective Sam Slade. Later that same year he made an appearance in NBC’s To Rome With Love as Professor Charles Eaves who taught abroad in Italy with his three daughters. In 1976, Forsythe was selected to narrate and voice Charles Townsend on ABC crime drama Charlie’s Angels starring Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. It became a hugely successful series that led to remakes in 2000 and 2003 featuring Forsythe as Charlie Townsend in both movies adapted from this show.

From 1981 to 1989, Forsythe played the leading male character of Dynasty on primetime TV – another hugely successful series produced by Aaron Spelling and Mark Greenberg. Forsythe received five Soap Opera Digest Award nominations as Outstanding Actor in Mature Role on Drama Series (and won it once!). Additionally he appeared in I Witnessed (telefilm) in 1993 as well as guest starring on various other programs.

Personal affairs were equally complex for Forsythe. He first married Parker McCormick from 1939-1943 and they shared one son before divorcing; later marrying Julie Warren (dying of cancer 1994); finally Nicole Carter survived him along with Dall, Page Courtemanche and Brooke Forsythe in Southern California.

As well as his acting and voiceover work, Forsythe also held various production positions on several television shows. Additionally, he dabbled briefly with radio broadcasting before appearing in movie remakes of classic novels adapted for television. Finally, he hosted nature documentary World of Survival series.

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