John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble All Can Work

If you’ve been wondering how to listen to new music, you might be interested in checking out All Can Work by John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble. The album was released on January 26, 2018 and features a diverse collection of pieces that range from jazz to classical. The album is a great example of how a contemporary composer can use a simple, yet effective approach to creating music. This new CD is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty of composition and the power of a big band.

The album’s psychedelic, mystical, and sometimes even psychic, but it’s so much more than a label that it has a recognizable place in the jazz world. It’s full of magic and a deft touch, and that’s what makes this recording so compelling. All Can Work is available at and CD Baby. This collection is recommended to jazz fans of all levels.

“All Can Work” is an incredible recording by John Hollenbeck’s Large Ensemble. The recording was composed over several years and has a family-like atmosphere. Many members of the group have been playing together since they were in high school, and some have been with him since college. The elegy-like melody of the title track doesn’t sound like an elegy; instead, it’s a hopping sequence of intervals that culminates in a dark, brooding ending.

“All Can Work” is one of Hollenbeck’s best recordings yet, and one of his most successful compositions. Dedicated to several of the artists involved with the recording, the composer pays tribute to several artists. Some of the musicians on the album have worked with Hollenbeck since college and others have been his students since high school. This recording features some wonderful arrangements by renowned jazz musicians, and is a highly recommended addition to any jazz music collection.

“All Can Work is a fantastic recording by the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble, and is a must-listen for any jazz fan. The group’s compositions are rich and textured and are a treat to listen to. The psychedelic elements of the music transcend genre. Each track is filled with a great deal of subtlety and magical moments.

“All Can Work” is an impressive release by the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble. The album pays tribute to a number of musicians. During the performance, the band will play pieces from the album’s three previous albums. The newest release, “A Blessing” has been nominated for three Grammys. The witty and thoughtful arrangements are among the best on the recording.

“All Can Work” is a stunning album. Not only is it a great recording, it is also a surprisingly funny one. The title track is an upbeat tune that’s bound to make you smile. It has a soaring horn, and it sounds like it’s a perfect example of how to use humor and sentiment in music. The elegy-inspired pieces are a great combination of fun and sentiment.

Aside from the music, the ensemble’s commitment to the compositions is noteworthy. The eloquently-written texts have been set to a stunningly arranged score. The ensemble’s dedication to Laurie Frink’s work has made All Can Work one of the best jazz albums of all time. It is also a tribute to the many artists who have influenced the composer.

All Can Work is a superb album by John Hollenbeck’s Large Ensemble. The group’s members have been playing together for almost twenty years and have formed a close relationship. Some of the members have been with each other since they were in high school and some of them have been with each other for many years. In addition to being a good musical group, the large ensemble also offers a great deal of diversity. The music on this album is not only beautiful, but it is also very entertaining.

The album features a variety of songs. Some of the songs are dedicated to a specific musical style. On his third album, All Can Work, he gives the spotlight to the drums. The LP is a celebration of the diversity of music. The album is a must-listen for jazz fans everywhere. If you’re a big fan of jazz, this is a must-hearing album for you.

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