John John Da Don Vs K Shine

The next upcoming clash between John Da Don and K Shine could be a great one to watch! Both are considered the top rappers in the culture. However, there is a difference in the styles of both artists, and the result is a style clash. While B-Dot is a huge fan favorite, he’s also a pioneer of battle rap. In his fight with K Shine, he compared himself to Geechi Gotti, a notorious street talk rapper. While the two fought for a 2-1 tie, their rapping styles are similar.

The battle between K Shine and John Don Da Don is likely to be a stalemate. The battle between these two stars may be the best battle in recent memory. Both of these rappers have been involved in a few notable feuds. The first was in the X-Games tournament, and the second involved Hollow Da Don and K Shine. In the latter’s fight, Hollow rapped at ninety percent without flaw or stumble.

In the finals, Hollow Da Don, aka DEBO16, defeated Hollow Da Don in a surprise one-round match at KoTD’s Massacre 3 event. The match between the two rappers ignited a bitter rivalry, and it seems like the two are getting closer to a three-round battle. But, before that, Hollow rapped against Tay Roc for Summer Madness 6. This is only the beginning of the feud between the two.

The next battle between John Da Don and K Shine was between two of the best rappers in the game. In this battle, both battlers have proven themselves to be the best, and this battle is one to watch. While both rappers are talented and capable of beating their competitors, they’re not as good as each other. The battle between John Da Don and K Shine will be a good one for you to enjoy.

K Shine is the most popular rap artist on the scene, but K Shine is a great one to watch. This fight between the two is a must-see for fans of rap and a true fan of a particular rapper. It’s worth seeing what the two guys have to say. You’ll never know what will happen between the two of them if you watch the video.

The rap battle between K Shine and John Da Don is a great one to watch! They are both great rappers and they are equally matched when it comes to the style of rap. So, if you’re a fan of rap, you’ll be able to see a lot of similarities between them. They’re both known for their witty and eloquent delivery, and their wits and charms are unique.

After watching their fight, it’s hard to choose between these two artists. In addition to rapping, they are also renowned for their stage presence. Both of them are known for their rapping style and have a huge fan base. If you are a fan of rap, then you might have a great time watching this duo. These two rappers have become friends with many people.

In this rap battle, John Da Don is known for his multiple-choice scheme. He also uses multiple choice to beat other battlers. Hence, it is the most popular URL battle on youtube. He is known for his unique scheme that makes him stand out from his competitors. You can also check out the results from this one by watching the rap battle below. When you see the results, you can vote for the one you like best.

In this battle, John Da Don is the winner. The two rappers have similar styles of rap. They both use multiple choice schemes to beat each other. Moreover, K shine has the advantage in terms of stage strategy. They both rapping with their own schemes also makes them great. Unlike the other rappers, JD Da Don has a stronger rap style. Its a battle of skill and battle tactics.

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