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John Lawson’s A New Voyage to Carolina was published in 1709, and it is considered to be the most comprehensive travel account of the early eighteenth century colonies. Written in a lively, direct style, this book provides an extensive account of the natural history and native culture of the Carolinas. A detailed description of the landscape, climate, and people is an excellent foundation for understanding these cultures.

The first edition of the book was published in London in 1709, and it was reprinted a number of times in the eighteenth century, including two in German. This modern edition is a complete copy of the 1709 edition, which includes a comprehensive index. It also includes “The Second Charter” and “An Abstract of the Constitution of Carolina” as well as several previously unpublished letters from Lawson himself. The DeBry woodcuts illustrate Lawson’s drawings of Indian life.

This work was included in the two-volume New Collection of Voyages and Travels in 1711, and it was reissued with a new title page in 1714 and 1718. The book is now available in digital format. This eBook is a great way to get the most out of your eBook! It is full of useful information about the history of North Carolina. While reading A New Voyage to Carolina, you’ll learn about the history of this fascinating country.

After his return to North Carolina, Lawson resumed his natural history research and explorations. His aim was to collect botanical specimens for the London apothecary James Petiver, an avid collector of natural curiosities. However, his surveying activities aroused the resentment of the local Indians. A Tuscarora uprising captured and murdered him. This was a tragic chapter in Lawson’s life.

A New Voyage to Carolina is one of the most popular books about the state’s history. The first edition was published in 1709 in London and was followed by various editions through the eighteenth century. A German translation was published two years later. It is a true copy of the original and has an extensive index. In addition to the original, this book includes several previously unpublished letters from Lawson.

The book’s popularity led to various editions. In 1709, it was published in London. It was later republished with a new title page in 1714 and 1718. Its publication in Germany was delayed until the seventeenth century, but the edition that was published in England was the most authentic copy. In addition, the work also contains an extensive index and several other additional documents.

The book was first published in London in 1709 and was republished in various editions in the eighteenth century. A German translation of the book was published in 1712. A new edition of the book was published in Philadelphia in April 1710, and the two editions were later reissued in London with new title pages. The work is a good example of a classic.

The book is an excellent read and will provide a comprehensive overview of the Carolinas. The text will be accessible for all ages, so you can choose the right version for you. While it is an interesting work, it does not have much value. It is an important historical document for any reader. Its content is not only informative but also a valuable reference. When interpreting this work, make sure to find a copy that will suit your needs.

Lawson’s book was originally published in London in 1709. It was republished in several editions during the eighteenth century, including two in German. In the first edition, the book was published in 1709. The second edition was reissued with new title pages in 1714 and 1718. The author’s intention was to write about the natural history of the Carolinas, which was important for the colonial whites of the time.

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