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The song “I Give You All of Me” by John Legend is a romantic R&B pop soul tune. It was released on his fourth studio album Love in the Future (2013). The music video was shot in Italy, days before the couple’s actual wedding. The song and music video have received almost 1.5 billion views and 7.6 million thumbs up on YouTube. The music video also received several awards.

The song has received generally positive reviews from music critics. The song is credited to Paul Corradini and Dave Tozer, and has become one of Legend’s most popular tracks. The single was released on August 12, 2013, and received a positive reception. While its popularity was a major factor in its success, it still remains a popular single with fans. Here are a few reasons why you should download this song.

This song is about love, and it is about longing and fidelity. The song was inspired by Legend’s relationship with Chrissy Teigen. The couple engaged in 2011 and married in 2013. The music video was directed by the legendary David Tozer. The song was produced by John Legend and Dave Tozer. The single was released on August 12, 2013, and it quickly became one of the most popular songs of the year.

All of Me was released as the third single of 2014, and it has received mostly positive reviews from music critics. Ken Capobianco named the track as an essential track, while Ryan Patrick praised the song as commercially accessible and sentimental. Jon Dolan praised the “mountainous piano crusher”. It was also nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance. This song was also featured in other popular music videos.

The song has received very positive reviews from critics. The song has garnered a lot of praise from fans. In 2014, “All of Me” was the third best-selling song, with 12.3 million equivalent units worldwide. It has been translated into over 50 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and English. You can also find a downloadable version of the song here. If you’re looking for a legal, high-quality John Legend i give you all of me mp3, you can try this freebie.

This song was written by John Legend. It was released on August 12th, 2013. The song was the third-best-selling song of 2014 in the world. It was nominated for five Grammys, including Best Pop Solo Performance. It was a big hit in many countries, including the UK. It has also been nominated for the best-selling single of all-time in the United States.

The song has won multiple awards. It is one of the most-streamed songs of all time. It was a worldwide sensation when it came out, and has gained popularity even outside of the music industry. It has since gone on to become a classic, and is one of Legend’s most popular songs. It also has a beautiful message from the heart. Its lyrics are perfect for lovers.

John Legend’s song “I Give You All of Me” was written by Paola Corradini. It was released on August 12, 2013. Despite the song’s commercial success, it still received a positive reception from critics. The song was named as the best-selling single in Slovenia and Czech Republic in 2013. It was also nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance in Ireland.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by a woman’s love life. The singer revealed in interviews that he was inspired by his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The couple married in 2013 and later got engaged. The song was produced by John Legend and Dave Tozer. The two got engaged in 2011, and were married in 2012. Afterward, their first child, Angelina, was born on August 12.

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