John Legend Tonight Best You Ever Had Ft Ludacris

“Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” is a song by American rapper John Legend featuring Ludacris. The song is from his fourth studio album, The X Factor. It was produced by Philly-based production company Phatboiz and featured a verse by Ludacris. The single was released as the lead single from the soundtrack of the film Think Like a Man, directed by Tim Story. It peaked at number twelve on the US Billboard Hot R&H chart and reached the lower half of the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

Here are some fun facts about the song: Did you know that the original song featured the legendary rapper? This track is one of his most successful. It was originally released in 1994 and has won several Grammy Awards. The song is the first single from his third studio album, and it’s his biggest hit to date. The video features the renowned rap star, Ludacris. It was the first single from the X Factor.

The track was released in 2007. Here are some interesting facts about it. It was written by the legendary rapper and rap artist John Legend. It was written by the rapper, Ludacris, who was then 19 years old. The song’s title was adapted from a poem by the poet William Shakespeare. The poem “The Best You Ever Had” by Charles Dickens was inspired by the book. It was published by Thomas Hardy, a friend of Xena and the author of the Xena.

“Tonight, Best You Ever Had” is a track by American rapper John Legend. It was released as a single in June. The song’s release date is unknown, but it’s been featured in numerous movies. It’s a big hit in the US and is ranked as the most popular single by the band. The track was also the second most played song on the radio in 2006.

If you’re a fan of the music of the late rap legend, you’ll know that he’s made the best song ever. The song is known for its catchy beat. The lyrics are so memorable that the music video’s creators have made it a hit in many countries. There are a lot of interesting facts about the track.

Some tracks are more popular than others, so it’s a good idea to know some interesting facts about the artist’s music. You’ll find out if this track has become popular in your area. If you’re not, it’s a good idea to check out his music page for more details. This can help you decide whether or not to listen to it.

It’s not just a great song, but it’s also a great track. In fact, it’s a great way to listen to a track. Here are some interesting facts about this track: You’ll learn how to play a piano or organ through a drum kit. In addition, this track is the most popular version of the song in the world, so it’s important to listen to it.

Before you listen to “Tonight”, it’s important to know about the artist. This song is a hit for the rap industry. It’s also a great song to listen to for anyone who loves music. It is a track that’s a hit among women, and it’s no surprise that it’s popular with gay men.

Did you know that this track was the first song to contain a gay couple of sex. It has been a hot seller for quite some time, and it’s still going strong today. There’s no doubt about it. However, it’s worth paying attention to. You’ll be surprised by the many interesting facts about this track. It’s an amazing track!

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