John Lewis Dab Radio Instructions Sw1e 5nn

The John Lewis DAB+/FM digital radio has an instruction manual that you need to read before you start using it. The instruction manual contains helpful information about this digital radio, including how to use its controls and loudspeaker. It is not suitable for children because of its sensitive parts, and the casing of the radio should be kept dry. The instructions will also provide you with tips on how to properly tune the radio.

To tune to your favourite DAB station, press the “favorite” button on the radio’s main display. Select the radio station that you want to listen to and then press the “Select” button. Your radio will tune to your stored station and play it for you. If you’ve previously stored a DAB station, this will be displayed in the radio’s second line.

If you’re a fan of a particular DAB station, you’ll want to store it on the radio. To do this, simply press the ‘favorite’ button and press the ‘Select’ button. Once the station has been saved, you’ll be able to play it anytime you want. This feature is especially handy if you’ve listened to the same station over.

You can store your favourite DAB station on the radio. To change your favourite station, just press the ‘favorite’ button. If the station is stored, your radio will automatically tune to it. Once you’ve listened to a few stations, you can store more for future listening. You can even change the information on the second line display. To tune your radio to a particular DAB station, you need to press the’select’ button, and then hit the “Tune’ button. Once you’ve tuned the radio, you’ll know which one you want to hear.

You can store a favourite DAB station on the radio. All you need to do is press the ‘favorite’ button to access your favourite station. The radio will then automatically tune to the preset and play the audio. Afterwards, you can switch the second line information and select the station to listen to. The DAB radio is useful for people who travel a lot, who are looking for the perfect radio.

To tune to your favorite DAB station, you should press the ‘favorite’ button on the radio. You can change the second line display by pressing the ‘favorite’ button again. You can also change the name of the station in the radio’s instructions, which are printed on the back of the radio. Then, you’re ready to tune to the DAB broadcasts.

The radio will store your favorite DAB station. To change the second line display, simply press the ‘favorite’ button. Once you’ve stored a favourite DAB station, you can change it to your desired one. This will save your time and help you to tune to the right radio station. Moreover, it’s very easy to switch between different DAB stations.

Once you’ve tuned to the radio’s DAB channel, you can store your favourite DAB station. To change this preset, simply press the ‘favorite’ button. It will tune to the stored DAB station and play it. This is an easy way to change the second line display information. When you’ve changed your DAB stations, you can easily adjust the second line.

You can also store your favorite DAB station. To do this, you just have to press the ‘favorite’ button on the radio’s dial. Once you have done this, press the ‘play’ button. Then, you can change the second line information. For example, you can change the type of station that appears on the second line.

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