John Maddock And Sons Royal Vitreous Patterns

This John Maddock& Sons Royal Vitreous butter pat is marked “royal vitreaus, England.” It is a beautiful example of early Victorian tableware. It is approximately 2 3/4″ across and features blue and yellow flowers. The piece is in excellent condition, with a small amount of paint wear on the gold handles. The rim has some crazing. It does not have a crack or chip.

The Royal Vitreous pattern was produced by John Maddock& Sons Ltd. in England. Its distinctive features include green flowers, diamond and scroll patterns, and gold designs. The rim of the bowl is ruffled. The maker’s mark is stamped at the bottom. The pieces are marked “royal vitreous” and are stamped with a crown symbol.

This Royal Vitreous Small Pitcher is handmade in England. It is made with a delicate blue flower design and features brown/gold leaves and stems. The pieces are 4″ tall and 5 1/2″ long. They feature a decorative handle on the lid. They are also dated 1880 or earlier. The company accepts PayPal payments and ship worldwide. This item has a small chip on its front side.

The Royal Vitreous 8-Inch Pitcher is a wonderful piece of tableware. The rim has a gold design with a delicate ruffled edge. The dish measures about 9 inches across and 5-1/2 inches tall. Its size makes it a useful piece for everyday use. Moreover, it is in excellent condition. It is still in its box, with its original packaging and a certificate of authenticity.

This Royal Vitreous Small Pitcher is stamped “Royal Vitreous” and is an excellent example of transferware. The bowl is about four and a half inches long and 5-1/2 inches wide, making it a perfect serving vessel. A very nice piece for any kitchen! Its size is a good size for a small serving dish. The saucer has handles on both sides.

The Royal Vitreous Small Pitcher is a beautiful example of transfer-ware by John Maddock& Sons. This transfer-ware gravy boat is approximately four and a half inches tall and five and a half inches across. It is stamped with the crown symbol, making it a perfect serving piece for any table or kitchen. The dish is marked with a maker’s mark and is dated in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

The John Maddock& Sons Tureen is a decorative tureen that is made of royal vitreous porcelain. Its color is off-white with soft brown vines, flowers, and leaves. It is approximately six and eighteenths inches by four and seven eighths inches and has a 16-ounce capacity. This tureen is signed, and is in excellent condition, and is a great piece to own.

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