John Rutter A Gaelic Blessing Other Recordings Of This Song

John Rutter wrote A Gaelic Blessing in 1978 for SATB choir. The first line of the text is repeated several times throughout the piece, and this makes it very easily identifiable. The piece was originally written in Gaelic, where the word ‘rune’ refers to elements of nature. The words were changed to English in the 20th century and were adapted for use in church services.

This choral composition was a hit with listeners around the world and is one of the most popular anthems of all time. It is an easy accompaniment for small village organs and is ideal for services without choirs. Piers Maxim recorded the piece at Great Malvern Priory in the United Kingdom in 2012. There are also several other recordings of A Gaelic Blessing available on the internet.

One of the most enduring and well-received choral works ever written is John Rutter’s A Gaelic Blessing. With its simple, uplifting lyrics, this work is perfect for any occasion. It is not easy to find a recording that does it justice, but Rutter’s arrangements are remarkably beautiful. This is especially true of the two-minute recording, which is also the most common version.

A Gaelic Blessing is a sacred and secular piece by John Rutter. The music is perfect for a wedding or other service where there is no choir. It also sounds lovely on smaller village organs. A great performance of this song was given by Piers Maxim at Great Malvern Priory in 2009. And if you’re looking for another recording, you’ll find a collection of PDF ebooks that will suit your needs perfectly.

The song has a renowned choral work by John Rutter. It is one of the most popular anthems by a Gaelic priest. It is also a beautiful choral piece, and the accompaniment is superb. In fact, the music is a masterpiece that is well worth hearing. Its simplicity makes it an enduring anthem.

The music of A Gaelic Blessing is a timeless anthem that has been arranged for organ. Its short duration and sensitive lyrics make it a perfect piece for a wedding or other service where there is no choir. In addition to the choral version, other recordings of this song include piano versions and even vocals. They’re also available as PDF ebooks.

A Gaelic Blessing is one of the most popular choral works by John Rutter. The song is also a great choice for church services when there is no choir. Other recordings of this song can be listened to online. They can be downloaded from a website, which includes the full score, lyrics, and accompaniment. It’s also available on CD in various formats.

Although John Rutter’s A Gaelic Blessing has been arranged for organ, it is also an excellent choice for weddings or other services without a choir. It also sounds good on a small village organ. It is performed by a choir at Great Malvern Priory. This is a great choice for a choral service. And it can be played on a piano, too.

One of John Rutter’s most popular choral works is A Gaelic Blessing. The music is composed in an ancient Celtic language and has a beautiful melody. It is an incredibly moving piece of music. And with its delicate accompaniment, it is an excellent choice for a wedding or church service. It is also a popular choice for other recordings of this song.

A Gaelic Blessing is a well-known piece of music. It was originally written in Gaelic, but was later translated into English. Its lyrics are a romantic interpretation of Celtic culture. Some of this music is a pseudonym for William Sharp. Its correspondence to ancient Celtic culture is only tenuous, and its relationship to the ancient language is largely theoretical.

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