John Shelby Spong Jesus For The Non Religious

Jesus for the Non-Religious is a brilliantly written book about a theological vision that is radical and radically popular. Dietrich Bonhoeffer sketched a vision of religionless Christianity in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. John Shelby Spong fleshes out this vision and brings it to life in this provocative book. This is one of the most important books about the Christian faith in the last few years, and I highly recommend it.

Spong, a former Episcopal bishop, writes that he grew up in the Deep South and saw the worst of backward “Christianity.” His approach to the Bible is compelling, and it is easy to see how many non-religious people are influenced by this book. In addition to making Jesus relevant to the non-religious, Jesus for the Non-Religious offers a new and exciting vision of what the Church should be about.

Spong’s approach to the New Testament is compelling. His style is highly unconventional and his approach largely defies traditional Christian theology. But the author does not abandon the gospel stories. He takes them as a basis for his interpretation. In this way, he appeals to critics of the gospel of John. The non-religious should read this book with an open mind, but be prepared to be challenged.

Spong lays out a fresh, compelling interpretation of the New Testament. It departs radically from traditional Christian theology. But in doing so, he shows how Jesus broke with traditional thinking. By stripping away the myths and arguing that he did so by breaking with tradition, he shows that Jesus changed the world. And, by breaking with the norms of Christian theology, he explains that Jesus did indeed change the world.

As a book, Jesus for the Non-Religious is a powerfully provocative and inspiring book. It’s a 68-minute distillation of Spong’s insights about the Godpresence in Christ. He explores the meaning of the word “Christ” and its various meanings throughout history. In particular, he shows how the Christ has come to be a “good guy” and why he was different from other Jesuses.

Jesus for the Non-Religious is a challenging and refreshing book that will leave you thinking for a long time. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on the Christian faith, Jesus for the Non-Religious is an important read. It will inspire you to think more deeply and to question the way you understand the gospel. And as a bonus, this book will make you think about the Christian worldview.

Jesus for the Non-Religious is an intelligent, provocative and enlightening book about the Christian faith. It challenges and renews the heart. It challenges and enlightens the mind. It argues that Jesus radically transformed the world by renouncing traditional Christianity. It is a great read for those who are skeptical about religion. However, you should also be ready to consider the book’s argument.

Jesus for the Non-Religious is an excellent book on the Christian faith. This book is an ideal gift for any non-religious person. If you are looking for a new perspective on Christianity, this book is the perfect choice. Its straightforward, uncomplicated approach is a great gift for any non-religious reader. You will want to read it.

Jesus for the Non-Religious is a fascinating book about Christianity for the non-religious. This book is a controversial and provocative book about the Christian faith. It is not a religion, but rather a spirituality. It is an attempt to make the Christian faith more relevant to a modern society. In fact, Spong rejects nearly all historic beliefs about Jesus, including the existence of a supernatural god.

In Jesus for the Non-Religious, Spong makes the Christian faith accessible to non-religious people. He believes that there is a new Christianity in the making. He explores the origins of Jesus and shows that Christians are not exclusive. He calls out the traditional idea of God in the book. This is a book for the non-religious, especially if you want to learn about the history of Christianity.

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