John Strevens The Man And His Works

John Strevens’s career is an interesting one. He was born in London in 1902 and spent much of his life working in illustration studios. He studied at the Regent Street Polytechnic and Heatherley’s. But most of his training came from self-taught sources. He copied Victorian paintings at Guildhall and earned a living from illustration studios in the Fleet Street area. After he became a well-known illustrator, he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and in the Paris Salon.

He moved from Kensington to Loughton, Essex, where he continued to support his family. His art became increasingly popular in the British print market, and he remained active in the art world. His paintings ranged from portraits to colourful, romantic fantasies of children and women. In the 1960s, Strevens exhibited his works at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, and the Epping Forest District Museum held a retrospective exhibition in 1991.

After the exhibition, Strevens donated two of his paintings to his local hospital, St Margaret’s in Epping, Essex, where he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His work is now held in the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, which has organized several retrospective exhibitions. In 1991, two of his works were donated to the British Council, which has put up a blue plaque on his house in Loughton.

In 1957, Strevens married Julia Marzo, a native of Barcelona. His marriage to Janie spurred further exhibitions in London, and the couple traveled extensively in Spain and France. In 1961, Strevens visited the United States for the first time, where he was welcomed enthusiastically by American art collectors. And in 1990, his works are included in the collection of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Among Strevens’ most famous works are his paintings of flowers. Several of them are considered a masterpiece of art and deserve to be in museums and collections all over the world. During the 1920s, he was an avid art collector, and his paintings were in high demand. During this time, he married his wife Julia Marzo, a native of Barcelona. The marriage was successful and their three daughters were in awe of his art.

Strevens’ art is a great example of a unique combination of styles. His paintings of flowers and women are a dazzling display of the artist’s life. While the man himself is an inspiration, his paintings are often a reflection of his personality. His portraits have been a source of inspiration for many other artists. There are even works of the artist’s children that are inspired by the stories of his beloved wife.

Strevens’ style was often inspired by a romantic mood. His paintings often feature a woman in a costume and are based on the artist’s personal experiences. In his life, he married Julia Marzo, a native of Barcelona. The marriage was a joyous occasion for him. They had three daughters together. And Strevens’ love for women’s fashions was so strong that she painted them in a series of costumes.

Strevens painted a wide range of subjects. He was a prolific painter and he specialized in portraits of women. His paintings of children and flowers are particularly interesting and his work is incredibly varied. Some of the paintings he painted are of his children as princesses and others are of his own. The man’s life was a happy and fulfilling one. If he had not been an artist, he would have had a difficult time surviving.

Apart from portraits, Strevens’ paintings also contain a wide range of landscapes. His paintings depict a variety of scenes from the countryside to the city. His paintings were sold internationally and were also admired by the public. They are not only impressive but also highly sought after. In the United Kingdom, two of his works are held in the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. The other two are held in the collection of the British Council.


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