John W Hardin Business Card For Sale

This John W. Hardin business card for sale is in excellent condition, identifying the owner as an attorney at law. The name Hardin appears at the top of the card, with the address of his law firm to the left. The address and practice areas are all in a slightly distressed area. The card was made by a prominent Texas publisher, and is a good quality example of a john W. Hardin business card.

This business card was printed by a prominent El Paso attorney, John Wesley Hardin. He was convicted in 1878 and sentenced to 16 years in prison. During his time in prison, Hardin studied law and passed the state bar exam. He was murdered by an El Paso deputy named John Selman, Jr. in 1895. His death was the cause of a riot and a stalemate with the law.

This rare John Wesley Hardin business card was printed circa 1890. It reads ‘JOHN W. HARDIN, ESQ. ATTORNEY AT LAW’. It also states that he practices in all Texas courts. The business card is accompanied by a letter from Robert E. McNellis, who certified the authenticity of the card and signed it. It is worth keeping in mind that Hardin was a notorious outlaw who committed a number of murders. In 1877, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing a cab driver.

The John W. Hardin business card is a rare and beautiful item. The card measures approximately two inches by three inches and carries the name of a famous gunfighter, John Wesley Hardin. It is framed with Plexiglass, allowing you to view the front and back of this artifact. It is an amazing piece of history. It is the perfect gift for any jaded history buff.

This is a prestigious business card for John Wesley Hardin. This framed display features a copy of Hardin’s image, a brass plaque reading ‘John Wesley Hardin’ and a ‘John W. Hardin’ card that was found in a room after the lawyer’s death. The famous gunfighter, J.H. Flynth, was an outlaw who often fought the law.

The card is authentic, and it was signed by the famous gunfighter. It is a 2 1/8″ by three-inch business card framed in Plexiglass. The signed card is dated 1878 and measures 3.5″ x 1.6″. It also contains a letter from the famous gunfighter, Robert E. McNellis, which authenticates the authenticity of the document.

The card has a unique design that features the name of John W. Hardin, an outlaw from the Old West. He was captured in 1878 for killing a deputy and is credited with 26 other murders. During his 16 years in prison, Hardin studied law and passed the Texas bar exam in 1894. However, his death in a gambling game at the Acme Saloon in El Paso in 1895 resulted in his death.

This John W. Hardin business card was signed by the famous gunfighter on his own. He is engraved with the name of his office in El Paso and states that he practices in all courts. The card is accompanied by a letter from Robert E. McNellis, who signed it and certifying its authenticity. The original letter bears the signature of a friend of Hardin’s, Robert E. McNellis.

This John W. Hardin business card is a framed copy of the famous gunfighter’s signature and image. It is a signed copy of Hardin’s calling card. The framed display includes a brass plaque that reads, “John Wesley”. This framed display is a rare opportunity for Hardin collectors to own an iconic piece of the Old West. The chit is a cherished item.

Hardin is best known as a man who fought against slavery. In his younger years, he had trouble with the law and was often in trouble with the law. During his life, he was a fugitive. His anti-Black actions were criticized by the United States government during Reconstruction Texas. In 1876, Hardin sent a letter to his wife, Mollie.

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