John Watling’s Amber Rum For Sale

Visitors can taste the amber rum for themselves at a small-batch distillery at the estate, a 17th-century mansion with harbor views and resident birds. The distillery offers tours and tastings of its rums, as well as small-batch artisanal rums. At the estate, visitors can tour the ruins of the 17th-century mansion and enjoy the birds and harbor views.

John Watling’s Amber rum has a medium-bodied flavor, with aromas of toasted oak wood, vanilla, plums and vanilla. It has an intense amber color and a smooth, warm pepper finish. Drinks made with JOHN WATLING’S Amber are perfect for parties, and the rum is great in pina colas and other mixed drinks.

The full-bodied taste of this rum is reminiscent of the smoothness of a medium-bodied pot still. This rum is aged for up to three years in Bourbon barrels before being bottled at a cask strength of 66.2%. Its intense amber color makes it the perfect cocktail ingredient for mixing with cola or making a classic Pina Colada.

While the amber rum is not as smooth as some other rums, it’s a delicious choice for cocktails and mixers. This medium-bodied rum has aromas of toasted oak wood, vanilla, and plums. Its taste is smooth and finishes with a warming pepper note. You’ll love the amber colour of this rum! It’s an excellent mixer with cola, and is great for cocktails.

John Watling’s rums are made in the 1789 Buena Vista Estate on the island of Nassau. The rum is distilled from sugar cane molasses and aged for five years. According to the website, the five-year alcoholic beverage is comparable to a 12-year Scotch. The aging process of a five-year liqueur is similar to that of a twelve-year-old Scotch.

If you’re looking for a premium rum, you’ll love this rum. Its medium-bodied style makes it an ideal cocktail mixer and pairs well with cognac. Its intense amber colour is a great choice for sipping. The alcoholic content is 80 proof and is an excellent mixer for cocktails. When mixed with cola, it’s a wonderful option for mixing.

If you are looking for a smooth, medium-bodied rum that is smooth and has a mild vanilla aroma, look no further. John Watling’s Amber rum is a great choice for drinks in cocktails and on the rocks. Its unique and flavorful taste is also the perfect choice for a cocktail. The amber colour of the liqueur makes it a great mixer, and you’ll love it for a long time.

The amber rum is a classic and smooth rum that has an appealing aroma of toasted oak wood. Its mellow, medium-bodied taste and mild vanilla notes can be enjoyed with a glass of cola. This rum is also great for mixing with cocktails. It can be used for a Pina Colada or for a Bahama Mama.

The amber rum is a great way to celebrate any special occasion. It’s a classic and a great choice for cocktail-making. If you’re looking for an elegant, mellow rum, try a bottle of John Watling’s Amber. There’s no better way to spend your money than on a good rum! Just remember to buy a bottle if you want to impress the guests at your next party.

When shopping for a rum, remember that it can be a little tricky to choose the right one. You may be surprised to find that the only Bahamian rum that has been approved by the Beverage Testing Institute is the Amber. Its gold medal in the 2013 “Fifty Best” awards competition won’t hurt either. Besides being a highly recommended rum, this rum is also highly rated by wine lovers.

After you’ve tried the amber rum, you might be wondering how you can buy it. While the amber color is a natural result of a natural process, it has a rich and complex flavor. The taste is also rich in caramel, vanilla, and spiced nuts. The amber tin is beautiful and collectible and it has been awarded a Double Gold Medal at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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