Judge Danforth Becomes More Suspicious Of John Proctor When _____

At the trial, Mary Warren’s testimony is disputed by the prosecution. Abigail – the woman who supposedly saw the spirit of Mary Warren – leads a gang against her. When the pressure of the accusations finally gets the best of her, she confesses to working for the Devil. In the wake of the accusations, Proctor and Corey are arrested. Hale quits the court, out of disdain for the blatant display of irrationality.

Proctor takes Elizabeth Warren to the vestry room and reveals that the deposition was signed by Mary Warren. She tells Danforth that she and the girls were only pretending. She refuses to participate in the investigation, saying that she is disgusted with the investigation. Eventually, the court orders Proctor and Corey to be arrested. In the end, a gruesome misunderstanding arises between Proctor and Hale, which enables Danforth to sentence Elizabeth to prison.

After Mary’s confession, Deputy Governor Danforth is preparing to try the two women. He doesn’t want the trial to be postponed, but it’s hard to argue with Danforth and Hathorne. Moreover, they do not have proof to prove their crimes. Consequently, they have no choice but to try to convince the accused Kl├Ągers of their crimes. If they don’t do so, they will be forced to lie to save their lives or die telling the truth.

In this scene, Elizabeth is accusing Proctor of witchcraft and trying to hide it. But as soon as Proctor denies the accusations, he becomes even more suspicious of Elizabeth. This is a moment that makes the Deputy Governor even more suspicious of him. The tension in the courtroom mounts as he questioning Mary Warren. She confesses that she and her friends have been lying. The tension is intensified when Danforth asks her about her relationship with Hale.

In a later scene, the two defendants rebuff the accusers. The two women are swayed by the scandal and are forced to confess. But Proctor is not convinced that he is guilty of the crime and blames himself for allowing the girls to take their lives. Instead, he asks the accused to admit to the crimes. In response, the Deputy Governor demands that they reveal all the details of the alleged conspiracies.

The second act of the accused is to make the accuser admit to the crime. The prosecutor tells the accuser that he knows what he did. The defendants are guilty because he did not commit the crime. The trial proceeds. Both sides have motives. The accused is guilty of the crimes. They were not convicted. At the end of the trial, the Deputy Governor is found to be innocent.

After hearing the evidence, he does not hear Giles Corey’s testimony. This shows that he is suspicious of everyone who disrupts the court. The court does not want to be questioned about his motives. It only wants to preserve its authority. This is one reason why Danforth is so suspicious of Abigail. He knows that she and her colleagues have lied to the court.

After the trial, the jury finds Proctor guilty of witchcraft. During the trial, the judge is also suspicious of the accusers. This is the main reason why Elizabeth Proctor lied to him. She tries to protect her husband’s reputation. However, he is not convinced of his innocence. He believes that Abigail is innocent. He is innocent. In the end, the judge makes his decision based on her own beliefs.

As the investigation progresses, Danforth becomes more suspicious of Proctor. The prosecutors are looking for evidence of his accusations. He accuses Proctor of treason after learning that Abigail is pregnant. In addition, he accuses the two women of witchcraft. They have a child together and the baby is the result of a love affair.

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