Julia Lanske says what should never be done on a date with a man

Love-coach number 1 in the world, according to the American iDate Awards, Julia Lanske gave an exclusive interview for our portal about how a girl to form the right first impression about herself in order not only to make one evening unforgettable, but also to be able to create a serious relationship with the chosen one you like.

Love-coach Julia Lanske

– Julia, today you are the number 1 love coach in the world, according to the American iDate Awards, which means you are the best specialist in your field! Please tell me if a date really matters that much, and what can make it truly successful?

– Of course, a date is a significant event in the life of every woman, which allows you to meet your chosen one and competently build long-term relationships with him. When accepting an invitation from a man you are interested in, it is important to know in advance what should not be done on a date, and what is simply necessary. And then the first meeting will be followed by the second and third …

– Since a date is such a significant event, it probably requires careful preparation. Where is the best place to start?

– Your most important task is to make the date colorful and emotional. Just as the theater begins with a coat rack, so a memorable date begins with the choice of an unusual place for it.

Ideally, if you agree to meet in some non-trivial place. This will allow you to make the meeting memorable and fill it with emotional engagement. There are many options, from walking along the promenade to public places where you can play board games together.

When choosing an institution, give preference to a lighter atmosphere with home cooking in order to get closer to the image of a woman – a wife who creates a household and space in a potential couple.

– What should not be chosen as a place for a date? What can spoil everything?

– Nightlife: bars, discos or nightclubs, as this atmosphere will associate you with the role of a woman for entertainment. Noisy and crowded places, because in them you will not be able to communicate comfortably.

Going to the cinema and choosing “kissing spots” is a hackneyed pattern with poor performance. Ordinary, everyday “cafes at home” that force you to “turn on” your female resource more in order to stand out for your uniqueness and be remembered by this man, will also not be a good place to date. A meeting in a common company, which cannot be called a date, since you will not be able to communicate face-to-face.

– And, apart from choosing a place, what else can affect the successful outcome of a date?

– Your body and expression during a date is also of great importance. Having accepted an invitation to a date, you simply have to approach the establishment beautifully, gracefully and gracefully, since a man can look at you through the stained glass windows of the restaurant.

If no one opens the door in front of you, you need to open it most elegantly. If the door itself swings open in front of you, then your task is to very gracefully enter the hall and walk into the hall, capturing the attention of everyone around you. Be friendly, welcoming and smiling.

Say “NO” to static and “YES” to dynamics. Learn to maintain balance and mystery in your image. Do not freeze during communication, slightly excitingly change the postures in the body. Let your image have fullness, harmony and light mystery in order to arouse more interest in a man.

In addition, it is very important to carefully monitor what you “bring” with you – that is, your emotional background, your mood, your feminine energy. You can’t go wrong with taking goodwill and positive emotions with you on your date.

– Perhaps there are some methods that can help a girl learn to present herself like that?

– Yes, of course, there is the so-called “5 bends” technique. More often than not, the body of a successful woman conveys confidence and inflexibility. You need completely different qualities – grace, grace and femininity.

Test yourself by standing in front of a mirror. Look at your body and count all of its smooth curves. If you counted two bends: at the waist and at the elbows – this is already good, but not enough …

Remember the feminine statue of Venus! What is its appeal? Her body has 5 curves: neck, chest, waist, hips and knees. You can add additional curves to your body: in the wrist or elbows. Build in at least 5 bends and you can get many men to turn around and keep your one and only!

Julia Lanske

– Thank you, very interesting technique! I think she really should help! How should dating be? Should you prepare for it in advance?

– You may be surprised, but you should come prepared for a date.

You should have at least the following in stock:

  • some funny story,
  • questions that you address to a man,
  • compliments or thanks that you could say to the companion,
  • topics of conversation that you would like to chat about,
  • trump cards about yourself that will allow you to present yourself cool.

Pay close attention to your reaction to what your partner says. How emotionally do you react to his words, how you manifest yourself in the dialogue, how you get involved in the conversation and what you answer him.

During a date, be sure to:

  • keep up a conversation and be in a dialogue,
  • be interested in and lively engage in the conversation,
  • show emotion and smile,
  • direct the dialogue in the direction you need,
  • let the man lead the conversation and
  • involve the man on conquering you.

When you’re ready for a date, you are meaningful and fun. It’s interesting with you, a man wants to guess you, to find out, and he longs to continue to meet with you again and again.

– How to end a date correctly so that the relationship can continue, develop into something serious?

– It is necessary to create an atmosphere of contentment – the pleasure of a date. When the evening with the man comes to an end, tell the man what you like.

For instance:

  • admired his story,
  • pleased with the point of view,
  • his ability to intrigue you …

Don’t forget to thank your companion. You should always end the date on your own, but do not put a full point. Leave a little earlier than you really want to do it.

You can’t let the man feel that you can go to someone else, and that you did not like the interlocutor. It is necessary to reinforce your sympathy for him so that the man does not take your care of “fi” or “nothing special” in his direction.

“So now we know what to do on a date. What would you advise not to do?

– Do not worry and hesitate too much: go through your hair, fold napkins in several layers, stir constantly with a spoonful of coffee / tea.

Also, you do not need to feel “out of place”, bursting with paint, afraid to breathe and lowering your eyes.

You cannot allow yourself to turn off femininity when the posture and face “freeze” and facial expressions “go numb”. The inner “heaviness” of the experiences and personal problems brought with it will not add anything good to the date.

Unstable emotionality, open laughter at the top of his voice at a man’s joke or a silly giggle, nervously covering his mouth with his hand, also does not bode well for a date.

You cannot give out your entire biography from the moment of birth, reveal all the secrets of your family tree, invite a man to look at your photos on the phone, but you also should not “leave” yourself in some unnecessary details.

It will be unnecessary to talk about his or your past relationships, invade a man’s personal territory with questions about who calls him, where he is going, etc., talk on professional topics, leaving the role of a lady boss, raise women’s topics: shopping , SPA, restaurants and fitness, allow an overabundance of yourself on a date, fill your interlocutor with all the new details and facts.

Do not get hung up on the result (he will call or will not call after a date, call for the next meeting or not) and do not “turn on” to the man more than he “turned on” to you.

Come on a date not to show yourself, but in order to communicate with interest with your chosen one. Enchant a man with your state of being a woman of mystery, motivate him to solve, to get to know you as a woman. Leave the conquest to the man.

– Well, and, perhaps, one more important question: how to understand that your date was perfect?

– Everything is quite simple! Successful date = Received an invitation to a second meeting. Yes, an unprepared woman makes a lot of mistakes on a date. However, knowing what is not worth and what should be done on a date, she can easily get around many “rakes” and make a good impression on her companion.

Especially for the Women’s magazine

We thank Julia for a very interesting and informative conversation for our readers, we wish her new successes and achievements in her important profession!

Instagram Julia Lanske: @lanskejulia

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