Juliana Goldman is the new queen of Hollywood

Juliana Goldman – an incredibly talented, young and attractive TV presenter, socialite, stylist, journalist of the Federal News Service.

Thanks to her talent she received an award “The best TV presenter of the year of the LUXURY HD TV channel”

“Happiness is when you are in harmony with yourself, when you just feel good”

Juliana Goldman is the new queen of Hollywood
Photo @ yulianagoldman_style

And also Juliana – the winner of the competition “Hollywood beauty queen”… Soon, the girl plans to study in Los Angeles and conquer Hollywood. The girl dreams of acting in films with the world’s most popular stars.

“The formula for success = cleansing the chakras + directing energy to the goal”

Juliana Goldman is the new queen of Hollywood
Photo @ yulianagoldman_style

The editorial staff of Bologny magazine talked with Yuliana about her participation in the Dom-2 project, about working with Andrei Malakhov, about beauty contests and plans for the future.

Bologny: Juliana, hello, please tell us about your profession. You have written on Instagram that you are a stylist, and you came to Dom-2 as a journalist. And we know you as a TV presenter and socialite. Who are you by profession?

Juliana: I am originally a journalist. I came to Dom-2 to write an article about the heroes. I am developing in the media sphere. I was the editor for Andrei Malakhov on Channel 1, a gray cardinal. Now I go to show as an expert.

Bologny: How did you get on TV. What is your path to success: through work, connections?

Juliana: This is talent and a lot of work and a few connections. I first got a job as an editor for Andrei Malakhov on the program “Let them talk.” In general, there is a lot of turnover – people work for six months and they are not officially satisfied. However, I got a job after a month! The whole team that worked there hated me.

But initially I wanted to work there and understood that my work was in the frame, and not behind the scenes. There I got tremendous experience and they noticed me – they began to invite me as an expert.

Bologny: Tell me, was there any luck factor in your subjective opinion?

Juliana: I honestly don’t know. Hard to say. But the fact that the editor-in-chief fell in love with me very much and saw a great perspective in me is a fact. And now I am a journalist for the Federal News Service of the print edition.

Bologny: Tell us, what difficulties did you have on the media path: mistakes, failures?

Juliana: There was only one difficulty – I spent the night at this job. It’s just hell of a job. You don’t belong to yourself. When a hot topic or something happens, you don’t just work until 22, you just don’t leave work, and that’s it. If you haven’t done the topic, you cannot leave. But all the same – this is an amazing time for me. This was the beginning of my start.

Bologny: We found out that you recently won the Hollywood Beauty Queen and got the opportunity to study at a Hollywood school in Los Angeles. Please tell us more about your plans.

Juliana: Yes, I won a beauty pageant called Hollywood Queen. It was back in May. And the main prize is training at the Hollywood School of Actors in Los Angeles. But our paths are closed. I plan to go there in October. But I’m not upset, as here I was already offered the lead role in international filming in August. It will be a documentary. And in episodic roles – Lera Kudryavtseva, Sergei Zverev, and I in the lead role.

Bologny: Speaking of Hollywood, who would you dream of filming in Hollywood with?

Juliana: This is probably Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bologny: Who would you like to play with among Russian actors?

Juliana: With Liza Boyarskaya and her husband, with Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Bologny: Tell us a little secret – with whom will you go to America? Do you have a lover, a soul mate or someone here will be waiting for you?

Juliana: I plan to go to America alone.

Bologny: What is happiness for you today?

Juliana: Happiness is when you are in harmony with yourself, you understand yourself, and you feel just great because you have you. But you need to come to this – not everyone understands this. I am becoming happier and happier every day.

Bologny: Our magazine wants to wish you that all plans come true, that all dreams come true.

You can see the details of our conversation yourself in our video. Happy viewing!

We hope you enjoyed the conversation.

We present to your attention the premiere of Juliana Goldman’s song “On a personal plus”, as well as a romantic video for this piece of music.

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