Katerina Shpitsa on how she got into the cinema through a beauty contest

Katerina Shpitsa masterly gets used to any role and believably plays each of her characters, but, as she admitted today on the TV show “Evening Urgant”, in life does not know how to lie at all and does not tolerate lies! Only once, while still a teenager, Katya decided to cheat, which made her a successful artist.

Katerina Shpitsa
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At 16, she danced in a swimsuit in front of German rockers

When this funny and fateful story happened, Katerina was only 16 years old, but she was already full of ambition. She took up any business related to acting, because from an early age she dreamed of becoming an artist.

But in no way did she manage to find success: she was not approved at the auditions, or she was only accepted into projects that were initially doomed to failure. But the brown-haired woman did not give up, tried again and again, After all, she was confident in herself and knew: sooner or later everything will work out.

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And one day she heard on the radio that in her hometown of Perm, the legendary musical group “Scorpions” is announcing a beauty contest. Prize – filming in the video of a rock band!

Katya did not hesitate for a minute, and immediately decided to take part. True, one of the main conditions of the competition was the age of majority of the participants, but Spitsa decided to keep silent about the fact that she would celebrate her 18th birthday only in two years. Moreover, the girl grew up on the song Wind of Change and always dreamed of seeing Klaus Meine and Rudolf – she simply had no right to miss such a chance to see them!

Katerina Shpitsa told how she got into the cinema through a beauty contest:
Screenshot from the program “Evening Ugrant” – photo from the competition

“The only time when I really and really lied was in 2002, at the selection of the competition dedicated to the arrival of the Scorpions. I had to come to warm up in a swimsuit, with a beautiful haircut and heels, and dance to a fragment from the intro. And then the winner was chosen with a sound level meter based on the noise of applause, ”the TV presenter shares.

At the first stage of the competition, the true age of the participants was not checked, and outwardly the schoolgirl looked much older than her years. She came to the competition and immediately received a standing ovation and applause from the entire audience! The numbers on the sound level meter confirmed: she is the clear winner.

Katerina Shpitsa told how she got into the cinema through a beauty contest:
Screenshot from the program “Evening Ugrant” – Katerina with Klaus Meine

That day left a vivid imprint in the artist’s memory: hot photos with idols, a sea of ​​compliments and a chance to appear in a video of her favorite group! The girl thought she was in a fairy tale.

Disappointment and an unexpected gift of fate – a guide to the starry world

But life is not a fairy tale, and sometimes all dreams collapse at the very last moment. Katerina was already preparing to pack her bags and fly to Minsk to shoot the video, when the organizers decided to check the girl’s passport. And it turned out that she was only 17 years old today. The girl was refused, because minors are not allowed. Another dancer went on the trip.

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Oh, what a disappointment it was! Just imagine that you are one step away from your dreams and already imagine how you dance in a video of idols in another country, how all expectations collapse! But as they say, there is a silver lining: that experience nevertheless gave her new acquaintances, thanks to which she got into the world of cinema and became what she is now.

“Based on the results of this competition for a Perm newspaper, I was supposed to be interviewed. And we did this interview with a journalist within the walls of the Perm modeling agency, where, by coincidence, photographer and scout Alexei Vasiliev, who at one time found Olya Kurylenko and Natasha Vodianova, was casting on that day. And somehow I glanced at him, we began a friendship by correspondence. Lyosha became a friend of our family, and then, when after the first year I was returning from vacation and got stuck in Moscow, Lyosha sheltered me and said: “Come with me just for the company, at the same time you will see how model castings are held in Moscow,” – with a smile tells the actress.

And she went.

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Near the audition hall, a man asked if there were any professional dancers among those present. Spitz, of course, was far from professionalism, but decided: “Well, if I danced on a sound level meter in Perm, then I can do it in Moscow too!”

And she was hired, and from there the girl got into a production company, in which she met the director, who shot her in the very first role. “This is such a chain!” – concluded Ekaterina.

Katerina Shpitsa told how she got into the cinema through a beauty contest:
Photo @ katerinashpitsa

And this funny story is really inspiring! It is not only about youthful maximalism and spontaneous and, at times, stupid actions, but about the fact that it is worth making mistakes, trying new things and not stopping before obstacles. After all, you can never know where and when you will find success, happiness and destiny. Perhaps just when it seems that you have lost everything!

Katerina Shpitsa told how she got into the cinema through a beauty contest:
Photo @ katerinashpitsa

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