Katherine Lanasa Net Worth

Katherine LaNasa is an actress and choreographer. She began her career in 1990 with a small role in the movie Catchfire. She went on to appear in a number of films in the 1990s including Jack Reed: A Search for Justice, Under Suspicion, and Mortal Fear. Her most recent film was ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Audience’, and she has over 75 film credits to her name.

During her early years, Katherine LaNasa studied dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She also worked as an assistant choreographer for John Carrafa’s film Rooftops in 1989. In 1990, she made her acting debut in the film Catchfire, where she played the role of a waitress. Since then, she has starred in several films and television shows. In 1992, she starred in a television movie called Brain Donors. She later appeared on numerous television shows, including Nothing But the Truth and The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson.

Katherine LaNasa’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2022. Despite the fact that she has an impressive resume, she prefers to live a modest lifestyle. Her net worth comes from her career in the entertainment industry. She has worked as a dancer since she was 12 years old. However, she hasn’t revealed her salary in public yet. She is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Her Instagram account has 31k followers and 592 posts. This may not be indicative of a large net worth but it does reflect her popularity.

The net worth of Katherine LaNasa is estimated to be between $ 5 million and $ 10 million. She has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, working in a number of hit movies and TV series. While her income is largely derived from her acting career, her net worth might be much higher.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Katherine LaNasa has appeared in several movies and tv shows. She was a choreographer and dancer who worked with John Carrafa on the 1989 film ‘Rooftops’. The couple divorced in 1992, but the couple had a son, Henry Lee Hopper. In 1998, she married French Stewart.

LaNasa was married three times in her life. She was married to actor Dennis Hopper when she was 22 years old. The couple had a son, Henry Lee Hopper, together. However, the couple divorced in April 1992. Katherine LaNasa went on to marry actor French Stewart. They met on the set of ‘3rd Rock from the Sun.’ They were married on May 19, 1988. Katherine LaNasa’s net worth is estimated at about $100 million.

Katherine LaNasa is an American actress, dancer, and choreographer. She was born in 1966 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She also studied dance at the Milwaukee Ballet.

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