Keith Melton Net Worth

The total assets of H. Keith Melton are estimated to be around $7 million. He has been successful in building his business and has amassed a large amount of wealth as a result. Melton is also a published author and has penned numerous effective covert operative books. Melton owns a 12000 square foot home in a Boca Raton compound.

There are many ways to learn about the net worth of Keith Melton, from his height and weight to his family. There is an extensive wiki biography of Melton, which includes information on his spouse, siblings, children, parents and more. Melton’s net worth is estimated to grow significantly over the next few years.

In the United States, Melton was born in the year $1,000,000, which means his net worth will be at least that much. He will earn about $1,000,000 by 2021. This figure is in the top percentile for people of his age. As a result, his salary will be among the highest among other celebrities.

Keith Melton is married to Karen. The couple has a beautiful home, which is also a spy museum. Melton is 78 years old and lives with his partner Karen. His wife, Karen, does not have a website dedicated to her or his net worth. Melton has lived a long and happy life. He was born before the Second World War, and he has seen several changes in the world.

Melton has published several books. He has also worked as a counterintelligence agent in Alexandria, Virginia. Melton also works as an adviser for knowledge organizations. He has a history of espionage and is regarded as an expert in this field. His book, Spycraft: The History of CIA Spies, was published by Dutton in 2008.

Melton is a consultant for U.S. intelligence agencies and a founding member of the Spy Museum in D.C. He has a net worth of $12.6 million. He is a member of the board of directors for the Spy Museum and is a founding board member of the museum. His exemplary career has enabled him to remain above the ideological fray while funding his collecting.

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