Kelly Brook reveals that there was no romantic engagement in her life

Model and actress Kelly Brook has been engaged many times. And among her suitors were also celebrities: Jason Statham, Tom Evans, Billy Zane.

The marriage proposals from these guys weren’t romantic acts or sweeping gestures. They seemed to Brooke too simple, ordinary.

Kelly Brook on the set

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook on vacation

When her current boyfriend Jeremy Parisi decided to propose marriage to her, she took matters into her own hands. And she herself organized a trip to Iceland. But whether the engagement took place there, history is silent.

“I didn’t have an unforgettable engagement,” Kelly laments. “I think it’s a little dishonest to admit it, but I like to be honest. I have never had a memorable engagement. No big gestures, no romance, nothing! I was in Iceland recently and found a wonderful place there. This was one of the best travels I’ve ever done. I found there a beach called Diamond. In fact, it is black, but there are many large pieces of icebergs on it. It looks so fantastic!

Kelly Brooke Jeremy Parisi in public
Kelly Brooke Jeremy Parisi

Kelly Brook with partner

Kelly Brooke Jeremy Parisi


Brooke broke up with Statham in 2004, and she dated Zane for about four years, until 2008. She was engaged many times, but never married. Kelly assures that the next time she will agree to declare herself someone’s bride only if she realizes that she wants to spend the rest of her life with a man.

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