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Roller sneakers are gaining more and more popularity in the world, and already more than 5 million users in fifty countries of the world have become the owners of this amazing invention. They appeared back in 2000 in the United States and have already become the basis for their own sport, called step riding.

But, along with athletes who perform all sorts of tricks, roller shoes have also gained a lot of popularity among children. Parents are happy to buy them for their little ones, and children get great joy from riding them.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of roller shoes?


  • The very first and very big plus is, of course, the developmental effect of this invention. Roller trainers perfectly develop child’s coordination of movements. When skiing, a large number of different muscle groups are involved, so this type of entertainment can be safely classified as active.
  • The big plus is that you don’t have to take off your roller shoes at all. You can enter them in any places where you cannot enter on rollers.
  • Versatility is one of the distinguishing characteristics. The sole can be easily closed with special caps, turning the roller shoe into a regular walking shoe.
  • Well, and most importantly, what makes roller shoes so popular is their quick adaptation. Of course, in order to learn how to perform some tricks, it will take time and training. But everyone will be able to go straight in 5-10 minutes. This happens especially quickly in children.



  • Unfortunately, you don’t wear roller shoes for long. Legs get tired quickly.
  • Only good coverage is needed. Roller shoes can quickly fail on bad roads.
  • Considerable weight. When used in walking mode, the shoe weighs significantly higher than normal.
  • Falls and injuries are not excluded. But whether this can be considered a disadvantage is up to you, since you will most likely not be able to avoid them even when skating on ordinary roller skates.

At what age can roller shoes be bought for a child?

In general, there is no special age limit. In the market, you can find roller shoes even in the smallest sizes. There is also a lot of evidence that kids 3-5 years old skate well, and it gives them great pleasure.

Still, there is no need to rush too much. The most ideal age is 7-10 years old. By this time, the muscles of the child are already developed enough to support the considerable weight of the sneakers. Also, by this age, the child’s coordination of movements and a sense of balance are already at their peak, and this will avoid many injuries and falls.


Popular models of sneakers on wheels for children

The most popular company that manufactures and sells roller shoes on all continents and in more than fifty countries is, of course, HEELYS. It is its products that users call the highest quality and most diverse. So, the model range includes modifications for children and adults, for beginners and professionals. Huge selection of types and types according to sole model, method of fastening or lacing. The most popular among children are the classic flat-soled sneakers.

How to choose roller shoes among all the variety on the market? Let’s try to define main criteria.

  • Be sure to take into account the age of the child. If the baby is still small, you should pay attention to the weight of the purchase. In sneakers that are too heavy, it will simply be uncomfortable and hard for him. The result is very quick disappointment and abandonment of the toy.
  • For beginners or very small skaters, it is best to opt for two roller skates. They are more stable and will help you avoid frequent falls and injuries.
  • Also, for beginners, it is better to choose models with laces. They are less comfortable than analogs with Velcro, but they fix the leg much more firmly. It will be much easier to learn how to ride them.
  • It should not be forgotten that the manufacturer is from China, therefore, he uses his own size grid in the manufacture of products – the Chinese one. The size should be converted to centimeters and rechecked.
  • It is best to choose the size slightly larger than the baby’s leg so that it does not grow out of them too quickly.


Only the correctly selected roller shoes can bring a lot of joy to your child and provide the necessary safety while riding.

Basic rules for the safe ride of a child on roller shoes

Safety – this is the first thing a parent should take care of when he buys roller shoes for his baby. Although the kit does not come with the necessary equipment, you definitely need to think about it and not forget to buy it.

  • For mechanical protection, a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads will be enough. It is these places that get the main injuries during such entertainments.
  • Balance is the foundation of roller-shoe riding. You have to feel it. Perhaps this feeling will not appear immediately, so it is better to help the child. Can also be used to adapt walls, railings or different railings.
  • After the equilibrium point is found – well, or almost found, you can move on to the technique of skating. You should try to explain it in the language that the child can understand as much as possible. The speed of his learning to skate depends on how quickly he understands it.

Technique for beginner skating:

  1. The surface must be level and have sufficient surface area.
  2. The soles of the feet should always be in line with one another with a small distance between them.
  3. The toe of the foot in front should be raised.
  4. With the toe of your back foot, you need to lightly push off the surface.

It is important to remember that in no case should you put your feet next to each other. They must be on the same line one after the other.

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