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Each of us at least once in our life thought about resorting to the services of magicians, numerologists or astrologers in order to find out our fate. But, as the same esotericists say, this is impossible. Man is the smith of his own happiness and everything that happens to us is conditioned by our deeds. Nevertheless, with the help of Tarot cards, you can open the veil of the secrets of your fate.

tarot test
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Are you ready to find out what awaits you in the near future? Then proceed to the test.


  1. It is important that you focus entirely on the test. Discard unnecessary thoughts.
  2. Call on your intuition. All you have to do is select ONE card.
  3. Remember the serial number of the selected card and familiarize yourself with the result.

Important! This is a GENERAL test, so you should not take its result as a personal guide to action.

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No. 1 – Tower

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This is one of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which is considered to be quite heavy in energy. If you have chosen such a card, it means that in the near future you will have to face stress. But, don’t be afraid of surprises. The tower indicates a crisis in a business that you have been doing for a long time. It’s like a painful sore on the skin that’s about to burst.

Don’t be afraid! Any changes are for the better. Yes, the time has come for you to say goodbye to something, but something else will come in its place, probably no less valuable. So rejoice in the upcoming changes and accept them with dignity.

And the lasso Tower indicates the need to leave the comfort zone. Pay attention to the picture itself, the walls of the building are crumbling, and fragments lie around. This is a sign indicating that fateful changes have come or are about to come. And you will have to gather strength and courage into a fist in order to survive them.

No. 2 – 6 Cups

6 Cups
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One of the most favorable arcana, indicating successful beginnings and harmonization of life. Also, 6 bowls are a traditional card of the past. If you have chosen it, it means that soon something will appear in your life that you have long forgotten. Perhaps a person from the past will get in touch, or an old dream will come true.

Also, the appearance of this card indicates the acquisition of new useful knowledge about the world. Perhaps you will look differently at the problem that has long troubled you, having drawn the right conclusions.

No. 3 – Empress

Test: choose a tarot card and find out your immediate future.  Exact result!
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The Empress is one of the female figured cards in the Tarot, symbolizing feminine energy. The motto of this card: “Everything will be my way, I will achieve what I want!”

For the person to whom this card fell, there are no obstacles. In the near future, luck will be on your side, do not hesitate. But that’s not all. The picture shows a pregnant woman, and for good reason – this lasso is associated with fertility. Therefore, if you are a woman, get ready for pregnancy in the near future!

Occult meanings of the Empress: progress, development, fertility and success in all endeavors.

No. 4 – 7 of Swords

7 of Swords
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A card of cunning, deception and shenanigans. If you chose her, then in the near future someone will try to manipulate you. The card warns of the need to remain vigilant, because soon you can find yourself in a rather difficult situation and be deceived.

Traditionally, 7 swords are associated with deception. It may indicate a betrayal of a partner, lies, the use of you for personal gain. And also she can signal about vile people from your immediate environment. Advice: reconsider the circle of your friends and family, think, but can you trust these people?

No. 5 – Sun

The sun
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The most positive Major Arcana in Tarot! The sun is a symbol of dawn and unconditional happiness. This card symbolizes success in all endeavors. If on the eve of the test you were planning something – feel free to get down to business, fortune is on your side!

The Sun card symbolizes the dawn of life, unbridled joy and the fulfillment of everything that was planned. You will be very lucky soon – rest assured. Here are successful results, new perspectives, a lot of positive emotions and hope for a better life. Be grateful to the Universe for such gifts, because you are worthy of them.

No. 6 – Star

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The occult meaning of the lasso Star is hope. The card symbolizes the fulfillment of the most cherished desire. It indicates that fortune will soon smile on you, however, you will have to put in a lot of effort. Do not be afraid of anything and boldly go towards your cherished dream!

In the near future, inspiration will visit you. You will feel an incredible strength in yourself that you cannot help but use. A positive solution to the question is what the Star indicates. Also, the card can indicate wealth.

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